Questions about Fisher & Paykel washers.

July 28, 2005

We have no washer and dryer at that moment and need them!!! The reviews for Fisher & Paykel machines are excellent, but few things from what I read bother me.

The size is huge... does it mean that I can wash big things? Like comforters (queen size) and/or pillows?

People mentioned that the washers can get confused with bulky loads like big blankets, and with light loads as well... and you have to try to move wet clothes around to see if it fixes it... if not - you take wet clothes out?? Has it happened to you?

Also, between two machines L11 and L12 (I think) - the difference in price is over $200. Is that worth it? What does it do for that extra money? Our local Lowes does not have L12 in the store, I only saw the pictures of it. Or should I just spend the money, if it does something L11 does not?

How long do any of you, owners of these machines, have had them? I want themt to last long long time!

There is not a place for bleach in the washer, right?

Do you need to use HE det. or not? Will regular one do the job?

Does it really clean the clothes good? If yes - why? What is so different there from other machines as far as the method of washing?


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  • dadoes

    In simple terms ...

    EcoSmart is the "base" model agitator-type machine. It's oriented toward energy savings and offers five cycles (Heavy, Regular & Perm Press, Delicate & Woolens) and an array of options (five water levels + auto sensing, five wash temperatures [rinses are cold], three spin speeds, soak, and a water-saving shower rinse or traditional deep rinse) ... but has limitations on getting a HOT wash.

    Intuitive Eco is the "deluxe" agitator machine. It adds automatic fabric sensing to set agitation speed, a super-slow Handwash speed, a larger choice of options including a full-hot wash and preset cycles for specific laundry chores, and an LCD panel with graphics/icons.

    AquaSmart is a non-agitator wash plate machine, akin to the Whirlpool Cabrio, Kenmore Oasis, and Maytag Bravos. It defaults to a water-saving low-fill mode on some cycles, but has options for a deep-fill mode on other cycles. There are two AquaSmart models. Similarly to the EcoSmart vs. Intuitive Eco, one AquaSmart model has a larger array of cycle options with a graphic LCD panel, the other has fewer options with an LED pushbutton panel.

  • missouri_bill

    This discussion has grown way too long! And it has taken at least two tangents - which model to buy and repairs. Time to start a fresh thread?

    I have decided on a FP washer and dryer but like others have been stymied as to which model.

    I checked with three local dealers. Lowe's says most of their appliance persons have FP. They only stock the Ecosmart, just stopped carrying the Intuitive. An appliance store pushed the Ecosmart, didn't like the Intuitive and ridiculed the menu on the Aquasmart. A builder's supply said all their appliance persons have FP too, the salesman said he has had an Ecosmart five years but would get the Intuitive. He is wary of the Aquasmart, doesn't see how it can wash well without an agitator. He also told me the FP rep said the new Ecosmart WA37 has an improved motor that is more powerful and quieter.

    Aquasmart was rated highly by Consumer Reports. I read the manual and noticed that most of the wash selections actually use a conventional (full tub) wash rather than the high efficiency (wash plate) wash. So should you use different detergents depending on which wash you select? And can you get a good traditional wash without an agitator?

    By the way, there are two models of Aquasmart, one is menu-driven and has many options, the other is push button simple like the Ecosmart, has many fewer options.

    There isn't a lot of difference in price, about $1300 for the Ecosmart pair, $1400 for the basic Aquasmart pair, $1500 for the Intuitive pair, and $1550 for the LCD Aquasmart.

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  • dadoes

    I don't have any experience using the AquaSmart models ... but I can say with reasonable authority that the Intuitive is the best choice between the two agitator models. It's considerably more flexible with cycle options, particularly in getting the full-fill hot wash that's tricky with the EcoSmart.

  • kcred

    Missouri Bill,
    We got the Aquasmart/Aerosmart models without the LCD screens, model #'s WL37T26D and DE62T27D. We like them a lot and they seem to work/clean as advertised. Noticed a big drop in the water bill! Very east to use and lots of ways to customize a wash cycle.
    Per F&P, HE detergent is what you want to use in them, whether or not you are running an HE cycle. I especially like the no-agitator. Clothes are as clean as with our old Kenmore direct drive washer, and I think the F&P are gentler on them. Main reasons we didn't go with the LCD screen models are that they seemed much more complicated to use, we didn't need that many cycles, and this model has the liquid bleach dispenser, not the liquid fabric softener dispenser. As for local dealers, if you are in the Kansas City area, Factory Direct Appliance carries them, even though they didn't have these models on the showroom floor.
    Again, very happy with our purchase and would do it again in a heartbeat!

  • doral_gw

    I would like to add my personal experience regarding my F&P washer. I have had mine since 2005 and it is an Intuitive Eco model. Prior to this purchase, my sister bought a Bosch -which was the "great thing". When I was at her house, and even now, her wash has a lingering mildew smell when it gets a bit damp and is MOST unacceptable to me. That is why I purchased the F&P and ruled out the Bosch. My clothes are clean and my washer has NO mildew issues. This washer is extremely flexible and I am happy after several years. Bosch has changed out gaskets on my sister's washer and I think her laundry still smells...I would rather have a rock by the stream than mildew smelling clothes.

    F&P is GREAT! Does everything it is supposed to do while being very energy efficient. The high speed spin really extracts the water and cuts the drying time significantly.

    I recommend this product!

  • tinatark

    MB, I have the Aquasmart with the LCD screen - it really is simple to use. With this screen, you can adjust the water temp, spin speed, and designate whether or not you use softener with that cycle.

    There are several cycles which can be conventional or HE wash.

    I think on the push button (LED) controls, you can skip parts of the cycle, for a faster wash.

    My only complaint with this machine is that there isn't a fast wash option, even if it were conventional.

    Another little quirky thing - there is a towels cycle on the dryer, not on the washer (may be vice-versa).

    We are very happy with the washer and top load dryer!

  • feeth

    Been looking for a washer/dryer as our Maytags are 16 yrs old. Never an issue with those, but we have been upgrading the appliances in our house.

    While in Lowes yesterday I saw a washer/dryer pair of Fisher & Paykel in the discount area. These where floor models that had a few scuffs. The DE62T61 dryer was $768 marked down to $576 and the WL26CW2 washer was $899 marked down to $674. So I went home and did some research, not much repair history, but I did find this thread.

    This am I called Fisher & Paykel to see if any local service techs that would work on this brand. I found one approx 20 mins away that can service my area. He said that if he does not have a part in stock, he can get it in 3-5 days.

    I returned to Lowes today and a nice saleslady helped me out. I asked her if the manager will reduce the price further to move the set today. She said it can't hurt to ask. The manager dropped the price by $74 on the washer and $76 on the dryer, making the pair $1100 plus tax. Did I mention that Lowes is now my favorite DIY store?

    The pleasant saleslady also told me about the Lowes extended warranty. She said its 4 yrs for $156. I mentioned that they already come with a 2 yrs plan, she said yes so then you would be covered for 6 yrs. The Lowes warranty does not start till after the manufacturer warranty expires. She said that I have 30 days to decide, so I will call her when I add the warranty.

    I should have them hooked up sometime this weekend. My wife seems to be pretty happy.

    If anybody would like to offer any tips, I am all ears.

    TIA for this great thread.

  • jakkom

    Make sure you get both phone numbers for your warranty & extended warranty. Mark these on your instruction manual with the dates they are effective. F&P will take care of the 1st two years, but after that you'll be calling a different company to handle any extended warranty repairs.

  • feeth

    Thanks Jkom!

    HE/powdered detergent?

    Wife just purchased a large box of powdered cold water tide (non HE) a few weeks ago. I was reading the manual and it says if you use powdered to dissolve in water first. Has anyone ever used powdered non-HE detergent? If so how much did you use? I am thinking that very little of non-HE is what shall be used.


  • feeth

    Used the pair for the first time last night for a load of white towels. We used some wisk HE and wife wanted to add bleach. The online manual says there is a bleach dispenser on the WL26CW2, but ours just has a fabric softer dispenser right next to the detergent dispenser. The manual even states that they only recommend a fabric softer to be used in the dryer via a sheet.

    Any ideas?

    BTW the washer is very quite....

  • dadoes

    There were engineering/feature changes on the AquaSmart machines that had some models with a softener dispenser and some with a bleach dispenser. The online manuals may not be updated to reflect the correct features per model. You didn't receive an instruction manual with your machine?

    Your machine (with softener dispenser) may have a Bleach option available with the Whites cycle. Select Whites, then scroll through the Wash Options submenu to see if it's there. If available, it should pause the cycle about 9 mins into the wash period, the lid will unlock, then you can add *diluted* bleach directly into the clothes ... or into the detergent dispenser (in which case I would also pour some clear water into the dispenser to be sure the bleach flushes through).

  • wolfc70

    The aquasmart wl26cw1 has a fabric softener dispenser. The wl26cw2 has the bleach dispenser. I think FS use in HE machines defeats the purpose of an HE machine. The Aquasmart has to do a full fill rinse to disperse the FS, wasting a lot of water. I only use dryer sheets if needed.

    When I was having problems with my first damaged Aquasmart, the tech that cam out said not to use liquid FS in these machines. He said that there have been a lot of people having build up in the machine, then it can get on the clothes. He said that most of the build up occurs on the bottom of the wash plate.

  • feeth

    Thanks guys. No manual as this was a floor model. I emailed F&P to see if they will send me one. Will pour the bleach directly onto the clothes when needed and won't use FS in the washer.

    We must have the CW1 then. I will check the part # on the back.

    Also having some issues getting the washer to balance. The manual for the CW2 says to get the tub to near the front of the machine. Doing this gets the right side a bit higher then the left. Resulting in some good shaking/noise when spinning out.

    So I get out a level and readjusted all 4 sides. Still getting shaking/noise during spin cycle. Floor checked level as we are on a slab.

  • dadoes

    Don't level according to how the tub looks. Use a spirit (bubble) level and get it properly level all around. Place the edge of the level in the little "lip" between the cabinet and plastic machine top. When that's done, run a few towels on spin, placed somewhat off-balance so some vibration is generated, and adjust one of the front legs very slightly up/down until you can feel it at the floor that the vibrations are minimized.

    Do a search at F&P's web site under Customer Care, for all washer instruction manuals, and download the one for "USA AquaSmart." That might be a match for your model's feature-set.

  • wolfc70

    They all shake somewhat. My first one had a tub that was out of round, and REALLY shook the house. My replacement one only shakes a little. The top of the machine only moves maybe a half an inch or so. The bottom does not move and it does not "walk". For some reason the Aquasmart models seem to shake more than the EcoSmart models. I have no idea why, and F&P should fix this ASAP.

  • feeth

    Dadoes, That is the correct manual.

    Will work on the shake later in the day.

    Thanks for all your help guys.

  • cpicard

    I have a GWL11 that will not respond. When I unplug it for the recommended time and plug back in it instantly beeps continuously and shows what appears to be the diagnostic code of 49 (3, 4 & 8 leds lit). When I press start/pause, the beeps stop and then only the lid lock led is on. Pressing the power button does nothing but start the beeping & "code 49" again.
    Does this really sound like a water valve? Or more like the motor control board (as the diagnostic code also represents an open circuit). But again, I am not sure it is really a diagnostic code.
    PS~I have owned this for about 3.5 years. Didn't realize just how "cost efficient" it is until doing laundry today with a "loaner" and my dryer took twice as long! Love that f&p spin cycle! So any advice is greatly appreciated!

  • dadoes

    Can you get into diagnostic mode? Press Power to shut off the beeping. Make sure the power really is off (all the lights are off). Then press and hold Wash Temp Down and press Power at the same time. Two short beeps and the panel lighting up indicates diagnostic mode is active. Press the Spin Up (or Down) button repeatedly to get the Slow and Hold spin lights on at the same time. The wash progress lights then indicate the most recent machine fault code. Pressing Wash Temp Down will (or should) run the cold water. Wash Temp Up runs the hot water. Press Power to exit diagnostics. If hot works and cold doesn't, then you've probably got a cold valve problem of some ilk. Replacing the controller board is a last-choice fix for this problem.

    Open the panel and jiggle and/or disconnect/reconnect the wire connector on the cold water valve in case it just isn't making contact.

  • cpicard

    When I press Power, the lights blink once, but the beeping begins again immediately and the lights remain on. The only thing that stops the beeping is pressing the cycle advance(which does not turn off lights) or Start/Pause(which turns off cycle leds and turns on lid lock led). Pressing any of the up or down does nothing. I have opened panel and disconnected and reconnected (along with unplugging and plugging and attempting to enter diagnostic in between each reconnection) to no avail. I have also removed both screens and cleaned, however, they showed no signs of being clogged. One item I failed to mention, upon opening the panel, I found detergent residue along the edges of the exterior(not on the boards) and drip residue down the backside...my sons "helping" and used too much detergent is my guess? I suppose I can't fuss at them too much for helping and attempting to clean by wiping the visible overflow!

  • dadoes

    Cleaning the valve or hose screens won't have any effect. This is an electrical problem, not a water supply problem.

    If you can't get into diagnostic mode, then no use trying any further to confirm the problem via that route.

    If the wires are properly connected to the water valve, not loose, connection pins not bent or broken, etc. .....

    ..... then the next choice is replace the cold water valve. If you have a volt/ohm meter, it should test at 64 ohms if good. Sometimes they don't read too far-off from that but are still bad.

    This is your cold valve, available at SearsPartsDirect.com for $33

    The third repair choice if the valve is not bad is replace the controller board, which is much more costly.

  • cpicard

    Thank you! I'll try that in the order you set out. Your assistance is GREATLY appreciated!

  • carlyberk

    A $2134 mistake?

    We bought the Aquasmart last week at Lowe's, with extended warranty, the cord they insisted we needed (and we don't--returning it), the dryer duct that wasn't installed, a clamp, and delivery at $94 ($85 of which is rebated), it all totalled $2134.32

    A week into using it, I wonder if we've made a very expensive mistake.

    We were replacing a Kenmore toploader and dryer, that basically we were pleased with until of course they died at around 8-10 years of age (came with house we bought). My dad urged me to replace them with something equally simple, i.e., no computer components, but something like that in the size we need (both parents living with me, and 2 kids of my own, plus hubby) was really hard to find. My cousin raved about her new Whirlpool Cabrio, and I trust her, so I was leaning towards that, but it looked a little "fancier" than what we needed. We saw the F&P in Lowe's while price comparing, and liked the simplicity of them. The manufacturer's warranty of 2 years is what really sold us on them, though--after 3 hours of "deliberation". I felt it had to stand for something!

    Now that we've been using it for a week, I am having serious second thoughts, and will probably be calling Lowe's to return them.

    First of all, the preset menus are nice, especially since most of the time, I just throw everything in and hit start. For other things, you have to scroll through the menus to find the best application for you, and sometimes there just isn't one. For instance, there is no "swimwear" feature for cleaning our swimsuits (with built in foam for the babies) anywhere, though there in the sports menu is a setting that can even clean baseball gloves! Weird.

    Secondly, the Cabrio was larger, and I was looking for larger, but the salesman assured me that a queen comforter would fit in the F&P. It fit, but it was tight. I hope it came clean; it's a dark comforter, so it's hard to tell. And it seems that there is some extra wear on the decorative trim braid of the comforter that wasn't there before.

    Drying is another story as well. Said comforter is now going through the second cycle of "comforter", as I sit and wonder why I paid $900 for a dryer that is supposed to sense when the darn thing is dry!!! The top loading is really nice and pretty easy on my back (I'm of average size). And I like how I can pause the machines and add things, or just check on them (though you can't see the machine in action--you just get assured that the clothes are wet in the washer).

    I had read somewhere, quite a few months ago when the washer first died (and then was Frankensteined back to life by hubby), that F&Ps were the best machines in the industry, and how it was a shame that they were so relatively new here that they didn't get a lot of attention. I had that though echoing in the back of my mind as I signed away at the register, and now, as I am getting frustrated with the 85 minute wash cycles that miraculously jump down to 50 minute cycles a mere 10 minutes later (???), and the equally long dry cycles (you just don't have it flashing in front of your eyes, you just have to wait until you hear the beeps and it takes FOREVER), I wonder if my expectations were too high?

    Surely not, coming from the seemingly prehistoric age of my Kenmores, but as a busy mom, I really don't have time to sit and wonder when the laundry is going to be done so I can throw the next load in. If I look at a timer, I expect it to be precise! Coupled with everything else, I think I did make a mistake.

    I read this forum about 3 times before I actually made the purchase. I wish there was a trial period for washers and dryers! :(

  • feeth

    Trying to get 4 of the Rubber Inserts as my washer did not come with them.

    F&Ps customer service thru email is very quick to respond. But this is the 2nd time they have sent me the "foot assy" On my last email I even quoted the owners manual page and figure. I also called the part what they call them in the owners manual.

    I have leveled the washer out 4 times and it still shakes w/ excessive noise. Reminds me of our old washer when you wash towels and they are all on one side. Each time I check, the towels are even around the inside of the washer during spin. I was thinking that the "rubber inserts" might help this shake/out of balance issue, but I don't think they will.

    I am going to put in for a service call.

  • wolfc70

    Carlyberk, I have the Aquasmart WL26CW2 and have had no issues with the timer. Almost all wash cycles (non soak) are 45-60 minutes long. As for swimwear, unless they are really sandy, I just wash them on the regular wash cycle. If the towels and swimwear are sandy, I use the Heavy Duty wash cycle and turn OFF the high efficiency wash. This does an excellent job of getting sand out of the items. I am thrilled with the performance of the Aquasmart. Compared to my old Maytag, this thing is very gentle on clothes, and does a better job of cleaning.

  • sandyinva

    I am a brand new purchaser of the Intuitive Eco Smart; part of decision to go with F& P has ben Dadoes', as well as others, support of these machines. His name has actually turned up in a number of threads outside of GW, and he obviously believes in this product, as do what appears to be a good numbef of F& P owners on this site.

    I decided to play the odds, and back my self up with exgended warrantly plans just in case.

    Performance wise, I am very happy with my machine and dryer, both intuitives. They probably don't do much oe than what you could do on your own, but it is so nice to remove the quess work. The stain cycles defintely do help and work. I did not pre treat the wine stain on my table cloth, just threw it in and washed it on the wine stain cycle. Had this happened right aftet the wine was spilled on the table cloth, I believe it would have completely removed the stain. However, it probably sat there for an hour, and there did remain a shadow where the red wine had been, which I have since treated with the oxi powder, Had I done that first, and sent it through the wine stainn cycle, I doubt very much if there would have been any sort of stain.

    I can honestly say my whites are brighter, and I am pleased. Use your judgment to decide which machine is for you. Some of the people out there are obviously did not read the suggestions in the manual.

    Keep in mind that this is alot like sports in that any team can beat any other team any given day or in the words of one poster in the many I have been on during my washer and dryer's death throws, 'they are all junk,'

    In other wowrds,nothing is guaranteed, so make decisions baswed on worst and best case scenarios.

  • feeth

    I called an authorized repair place today. They are coming out tomorrow to have a look at why the WL26CW1 washer is shaking alot during the spin cycle. I have tried over the last month to balance it out and I can not.

  • feeth

    Repair guy came out on Tuesday. He ordered us a new tub (I think thats what its called) He says the tub has water in the top to keep it balanced and that ours must of got a hole in it and let the water out. Will update after the repair is made.

  • feeth

    Which dryer is better the DE62T27G or the DE27CW1?

    The DE27CW1 has:
    the soft touch to match our washer.
    18 Specialty Lifecycles
    Digital Display/Progress Screen
    Dryer Animations
    Fabric Type
    Creasables Option
    Key lock
    $100 less in price.

    The DE62T27G has:

    5 Dryness settings: controls amount of moisture left in clothes.
    High Airflow Fan

    They are both the same size top loaders.

    We have the DE62T27G, but the retailer will let us return it and get the DE27CW1 for $100 less.

    TIA for your thoughts.

  • dadoes

    Mechanically they're identical. The difference is the control panel and cycle options. DE27CW1 (AeroSmart) is a cosmetic match for the AquaSmart washer. It has more choices of the pre-programmed lifecycles and is "fancier" with an LCD panel with menus and animated icons. DE62T27G (SmartLoad) is a cosmetic match for the EcoSmart washer with no LCD. Which makes it odd that you're being quoted a LOWER price on the more deluxe DE27CW1.

  • feeth

    Thanks dadoes for your great advice as usual.

    Both dryers are floor display models. They put the one we returned back in the discounted row for $150 more then we paid for it.

  • 1crazymother_gmail_com

    I would like to know if anyone has had a problem with dirt being left in the washer following a load. I have noticed dirt in the washer after a few loads, but figured it was due to excessively dirty clothes... the other day my daughter did her load of whites and some of the clothes came out with dirt streaks on them... this did not impress my teenager ;)
    Has anyone else found this?
    I looked this morning and found that there is dirt/grit in the crease at the bottome of the drum.
    I have had dirt streaks on my mattress protector, but I had thought it was due to its' size.

  • crazymother

    I would also like to add, as a comment to someones' post way back.... change can go through the machine... I have had a repariman in 2-3 times to take dimes out of it's innerds... I think I should learn how to do this myself.. since my warranty will be done soon.

    And now my dryer is making a terrible squeaking noise.. waiting on a part... have already replaced the heat sensor, or something like that...I like it, but am not impressed

  • dadoes

    Use the softener rinse option on those "dirty" loads for better rinsing/flushing of the particulates.

    Do you normally wash in only cold water? Bad idea.

    You don't say which specific model you have. You may need to program and run the cleaning cycle. Scrub the basket seam with a toothbrush if necessary to get it cleaned-up.

  • kblutrei

    We have just purchased a WL26CW2 Washer (and a DE27CW1 dryer, but that's not relevant to the question).
    We are blessed with a fair number of Beagles, and every so often the dog blankets need washing. As expected, there is a good amount of hair involved. Am I to expect any clogging problems? We did a "water only" cycle (in our old machine) to rinse the tub after any such loads. Will this washer get rid of the hair, or should we expect trouble down the road? If the latter, any suggestions?

  • wolfc70

    I have the WL26CW2 also and have a Golden Retriever and a Boston Terrier. No hair issues, just use a cycle that is not "HE". More water helps suspend the hair and prevent it from sticking to the tub.

  • bonnie_dancingbearshop_com

    I've had so much trouble with my ten year old, top of the line, ASKO FL washer, I'm finished. At first I was in love; the laundry is extremely clean. But, the motor has gone on the washer twice, and I can't remember what all else, but too much. Plus, the only people that will work on it are an hour and a half away and they take their time. The dryer has been better, but has had it's issues.

    My husband is handy and does the repairs on the many Maytags at our historic inn. It sounds like he could easily handle any repairs on the Fisher Paykel.

    I've found a 4 year old used pair for $675. The dryer is a SMARTLOAD and the washer an ECOSMART. From this thread I would imagine I'd prefer the washer with more options, but this sounds like a good deal, and we're entering the slow season, so this isn't the best time of year for a brand new pair. I was considering a Whirlpool duet since I'd loved the clean, clean clothes my FL provided for me. From reading all of your posts, I'm pretty sure I'd like to try this pair. My laundry room is large enough for two washer/dryer pairs. This way I don't have to wait until my ASKO fails again. I'm pretty sure it's time is near again :) or :( ?? Bonnie

  • hd50105_yahoo_com

    Have had my GWL11 for 3 years and today a small plastic part that holds the tub in place broke. Repairman came out to fix the washing machine and said he would have to order the part. The Part that broke was about the size of a Silver Dollar, a cast plastic part with a hole and grove cut into it. To get the part it must be ordered as a whole assembly of other parts that I do not need. Anyway thinking I had no other choice I told the repairman to do what ever was needed to be done to fix this thing. So after $212.00 ($78.71 parts) for parts and labor I will have a repaired washing machine in another 2 weeks. You see, with these machines the part have to be shipped from Austria or New Zealand, so the repairman says. The repairman was from a company Called A&E. I asked the repairman what A&E stood for and he told me that it stood for nothing that it is a company run by SEARS that contracts to all major appliance companies to do their repairs. So, after he left I went online to SEARS PARTS DIRECT and typed in the model # for my washing machine and found the parts listed on there. Guess What else? The parts can be here in two days and $20.00 less than what I just paid for them. Well, it looks like I just got a very expensive learning experience and the repairman was not completely honest either. OH, and one other thing the repairman was kind enough to tell me. He said that Whirlpool makes a washing machine exactly like the GWL11 for about $200.00 less. Wish I has gotten the model # from him. Said that Whirlpool had copied F&Ps design and had improved on it a little but was basically the same washing machine. And I would guess that the parts are a lot cheaper????

  • aroth53_gmail_com

    ALL of my towels have thread pulls and look terrible. After every wash I have to sit and trim the threads.

    I cannot feel anything rough on the drum, but obviously something is pulling the threads.

    Anyone else have this problem?

  • wej39_yahoo_com

    I'm unsure how to get inside to fix the problem! My machine runs till it gets to the spin cycle then it stops and start beeping.

  • m_dbar_yahoo_com

    I am having trouble with my FP Washer. I press the on button and it does not come on. I have done the trouble shooting the site recommends and the electricity is there, but the machine will not come on. Anyone that can help will certainly be appreciated. Thanks.

  • kalmray_gmail_com

    Ya - I am not impressed with the F&P laundry sets either.

    We bought a pair back in 07. Last year the wash machine tub "dropped" and stopped working. Lowes extended service came and fixed (thank goodness we paid for the extended warranty). Now it broke again about Christmas time. We are now a month past and nobody seems to be able to get parts nor fix it. The service guy that came this time was less than impressive. Looked at it, left, came back, gave the "mechanics shoulder shrug" and said he needed a mother board (its a mechanical issue, not electrical). Have not seen him nor any "mother board" in weeks. Lowes people try to call the service company and get an answering machine, say they will get back with me - and nobody calls. Every time I call them I have to tell someone else the same story - then they tell me they will elevate it and someone will call me back. Nobody does. All this and every time I am on the phone with them for no less than 40 minutes getting bounced around, sitting on hold (with defective music on hold), then disconnected. How convenient.

    I am not sure what is worse, the fact that service people are so stumped about fixing it or that Lowes extended warranty is not standing behind their claims to fix or replace.

    Unimpressed with the F&P products and getting less impressed with Lowes.

  • Lanahoward_aol_com

    I have a F P DEGXI Dryer that worked great for several years. About a year ago the lint cup stayed empty for several loads and then the machine turned the heating element off. I had a repairman out who didn't realize the lint was trapped around the lint cup but reset the button. Of course, it happened again and a different repairman came out and cleaned it and reset it. Three months ago, same thing only the hepa filter around the cup was replaced as well as the Element kit, manual reset, and thermals. I had debated on spending the $400 even though the machine is only 5 years old but I love it when it works. Now, this week the cup is empty after washing a blanket and the dryer needs to be reset again. This involves taking the sides and front off the machine. My husband can do it but hates too. I hate to pay $80 for a repairman to do it. Will this happen forever now?

  • 5130_sbcglobal_net

    I purchased a F/P GWl 15 Washer and Dryer in Jun 2007. Last week the drain pump was leaking . A tech came out to replace the pump which took 4 days to get and that one was bad spilling out all over my floor. I would not buy anything ever again from F/P. Stick with a name brand.Cost so far for the repair $300.00.Still not fixed.

  • bill_Becky_yahoo_com

    Avoid like the plague! We purchased a washer and it is the worst piece of crap! It stops and beeps ten times during each cycle and you have to run and push a button for it to restart. It takes hours to do a single load. Their service is just as bad. Save yourself a ton of heart ache and buy anything else.

    We HATE it!

    -Bill Klingbeil

  • info_costeffectivedev_com

    We own a GWL11. The seal that holds the thermostat inside the little water mixing tank sprung a leak. Total bill so far: $80 for the tech to come out and find the leak, $70 for FP to ship it 2-day air from California. Overnight would have been $100. For a little rubber gasket.

    If they were smart, they'd just give it to me. That's what I do for my customers - and I keep them for 15 years at a time. It would have cost them $70 and would have gained them a satisfied customer with plenty of future business.

    As is they have a VERY unsatisfied and vocal customer. No way am I ever buying anything from them again. And I'll make sure all my friends and relatives know the facts of the case - and let them draw their own conclusions.

  • shopping601_sbcglobal_net

    I feel ya, Ben!

    My GWL11 stopped with water in the tub. It was giving me a single beep every second. The following lights were lit - not flashing: middle light of green washes, first amber rinse light, and red spin light.

    Customer support told me that it was either plugged with lint or the pump wasn't working. I checked the drain hose. It was clear. This had happened before and I was naive enough to call their recommended service provider. He insisted that I needed a new pump. I still have the old one (not broken) to use if my pump goes out in the future. After the serviceman replaced my good pump with the new one, he put it all back together and got the same diagnostic. Finally, $250 later, he checked and found a plug of lint.

    So, when this happened today, I was sure it was another lint plug. I had to put the machine on it's side and check all the internal hoses. They all appeared to be clean. As a last resort, I removed the pump. There, underneath the pump was the drain pipe clogged with lint. I think I'm going to have to repeat this procedure every few years. I wish customer service had told me that this morning.
    I wouldn't have lost the whole day.

  • echo179

    We have both the GW11 Washer (good choice and ok) and my wife insisted she wanted a new dryer to go with it (the old dryer did need a new timer but ok). I was no keen on the DGGX1 dryer due to its complicated machinations of side winder drum and door closer setup.

    What killed the original washer was lint build up as my wife does some fabric work and gets a load of that at the time and the rep said the GW11 was designed to avoid that, it has 100% good with that, never another lint problem.

    We had it 10 years and it started to make god awful squeals. After a lot of trouble shooting (there is a diagnostics for that) the pump was bad. Replacing the pump is a bit of a pain as you have to lay it on its side but otherwise easy as you release a tap and it pops out. Yes I tested the old pump and it was awful (I do a lot of mechanic building work so that is not new)

    One thing that fooled me was not reading carefully that the washer does a recycle water rinse soap thing and the pump would act up during that, so knowing the sequence and how it works points to the pump despite most washers using just fill water.

    However, in the course of making sure all was clean and ok I shined a light up the drain tube and saw a flapper. I am thinking its the diverter valve and in the wrong position but its not quite where the valve would be and its bright shiny silver, hmm, the size of a dime>? Yes a dime and plug of stuff. so you darned well better look or you can replace the pump and still have an issue. I pulled the other hose and made sure it was clean too.


    Last they want you to splice in a fuse to the main board to protect it, they missed that. Its a dicey operation as the wires on the machine are tiny and the fuse wire is huge. Poor kit.

    I cut it in where there was a lot of room to res-plice if the splice went bad, they say right by the plug, if you do and you fray the wires you have no wire left to work with.

    Top loader is No Longer Made I believe, so only repair for old ones.

    As for the DGGX top loader, it worked ok until it got a squeeek/squak. Wisdom was the right side bearing, got it and nada, it was fine (typically we do 3 loads a week so we are not heavy users). What I found was the tensioner was making noise, I found if I moved it to one side it quit, so I wired it over a bit and ok for some time.

    11 years into it and suddenly it goes nuts, squeeling, squalling and impossible. So I did the check of both ends, cleaned the right bearing, made sure the stub shaft was ok, cleaned the other end up and it worked ok for a week.

    the first screen assembly on the left end comes out easy as its a obvious Phillips screw and pops off.

    The assembly that holds the lint filter is a bugger as the screw is in the bottom and its a combo hex and Phillips type screw and its in there hard. Better off if you can get a thin wall socket in there (I got it out with Phillips but it better be a GOOD number two and you better be strong. Hex size is 7mm and not sure even a slim line socked will go in the hole. If not it might be worth drilling it larger if the screw will not move with a number 2 Phillips.

    the lint screen also had huge holes torn in it and no idea how or why, but that's 70 some bucks too. I think this needs to be checked about once every 4 years.

    then worse than even. Time to disassemble and look at that tensioner. Its fairly easy but you do need to know the steps and screw locations. This is a good guide.


    More or less you lift the lid, pull it straight up and it comes off. Remove the rubber plug left and right front and two screws come out (Phillips 2) and you lift the top and lay it back.

    At that point you need to unplug the connector that connects the display to the controller as the whole assembly will roll forward soon.

    then two screws on the front (smaller ones), spread the side and the front cover comes up a bit and comes off (ground connection also that needs to be put back.

    Once done then the whole drum rolls out and you can get to the tensioner (screwdriver to pry it off as there is an opening and pry against a bar.

    Our had one that was totally trashed with huge cleaned and uneven wear. Lubed and back together until parts get here.

    It was worth taking the front cover off as huge amounts of lint in the bottom including some that was blocking gas flow tube and covering up the intake about 25%. Not exactly maint free but reasonably done if you are handy.

    so line screen every 4 years inspect and clean it up at the same time and should be good.

    I don't know about the pulleys, why one is bad and one good when they both tension is mystery, kit comes with two and you may wind up if you have it long enough putting the second one on in the same place if it has more thrust or whatever took it out and it starting making noise 6-8 years in so it went quick for pretty light use.

  • ccellis745

    I have a Fisher/Paykel washer and dryer. These appliances may be over 10 years old. However, at the conclusion of the wash, there are black flake pieces -- very thin in my clothes. Has anyone ever experienced this issue? What would cause this action? Illinois

    Nov. 22, 2017

  • sparky823

    Maybe you need to run a tub clean cycle.

  • dadoes

    CCellis745, what are your laundry habits? Choice of water temperature? Choice of detergent? Do you use liquid fabric softener? How often do you use chlorine bleach? Do you run the machine's tub-clean cycle occasionally, or never? As Sparky823 says, there may be some accumulated residue that is flaking loose. Sometimes when the situation gets to that point, the only sure resolution is to disassemble the machine for access to scrub the exterior of the inner drum and interior of the outer tub.

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