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Farrow & Ball Paint/Colors

14 years ago

There's been some talk lately of needing a thread on F&B colors, so i thought I'd start one. Anybody have any photos to share???

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  • gwendolynne
    14 years ago


    Farrow's Cream, nighttime with lights on:

    Farrow's Cream, natural daylight:

    Picture Gallery Red:

    Picture Gallery Red with a little bit of the Farrow's Cream and Light Blue in the background:

    Pointing (trim) with Light Blue, Farrow's Cream, Picture Gallery Red:

    Farrow's Cream and Light Blue:

    Light Blue (natural light, no flash):

    Parma Gray (without and then with flash):

    Cooking Apple Green (lovely colour, but didn't work in this kitchen):


    Chinese Blue (loved this when it went on the walls, but it only lasted about a month. Very intense colour and REALLY didn't work with the floor):

    Wow, I really need some new pictures of my house! Some of these are very outdated....

  • amysrq
    14 years ago

    Gwendolynne, how nice to see it all in one place! I am glad you took pics of the CB and CAG, even though they didn't work out.
    Here's my Vert de Terre:

    And here is Buff:

    And Buff again in a warmer looking shot:

  • organic_smallhome
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    Oh wow. These rooms are just gorgeous: I never tire of seeing pics of your home Gwendolynne. I'm loving the Cream and the Light Blue. And thanks so much, Amy, for posting the Vert de Terre: I was considering that very one for my "study," and I'm pleased to see it "in person": it's really nice.

  • moonshadow
    14 years ago

    (bumping colors thread up to first page)

    Somehow I missed this one in drooling over paint colors ;)
    F&B has some stunning colors, great photos here!

  • organic_smallhome
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    Bump. :)

  • patricianat
    14 years ago

    This is a beautiful home. I am sure the next one will be as lovely or more so than this one but I will miss this one. It was always so refreshing to see the light, cool, fresh look of what appeared to be a French apartment in Florida. Something about it just called to me.

  • christa160
    13 years ago

    Here's light blue in my guest bath

  • uluvbs
    13 years ago

    Hi, all.
    Is it fair to say that Light Blue actually appears more green in person, than blue?

    Also, has anyone test-driven Dix Blue?

    Thank you!

  • uluvbs
    13 years ago



  • Bunny
    13 years ago

    Christa, your bathroom is beautiful. Is your vanity base dark brown or black?

  • kimbers324
    12 years ago

    Hi. Thank you so much for your pictures - they have actually been very helpful to me. I intend to post some soon, as well, but meanwhile, I want to share some feedback about a few Farrow & Ball colors that I recently tried:

    Picture Gallery Red - love, love, love this red! I have it on a small accent wall in a room with mostly cream, blue, and bronze/gold/tan colors. I never thought I'd have a red wall in my house but this is a very easy red to look at - somewhat earthy, seems to have brown undertones. I think it would play nicely with a lot of other colors. I would like to find more walls to paint this color.

    Farrow's Cream - I like the pictures I've seen of it, and I think it is a nice creamy, yellowy neutral. However, there is a slight olive/green cast to it and this didn't work well in my house. Also, I find that it changes considerably in the light, looking like a pastel yellow (not what I had in mind for my living room) at some points during the day and more of a creamy white at other times. I think this one would work well in a room that has greens and browns.

    Light Blue - this is a very complex, somewhat muddy color. Next to true blue, it looks green. I was going to use it on my walls but it just didn't work - I can't explain why. So, I used it for my fireplace mantel. Not bad at all! Then I got creative and painted an old piece of unfinished pine furniture after first covering the piece with latex primer in white. Absolutely horrible! It was an aqua, robin's egg blue, kind of sugary sweet, like something for a baby's nursery or cake icing. Not quite the look I was going for in my living room. The rest, I'm going to put in my garage, where the test sample on the wall there appeared more true to the color card. Yep, $100 paint for my garage walls.

    Skylight - This is the most disappointing because I thought I had found the perfect grey-blue. I used it in my staircase, hallway, and I intended to paint the back of my front door (what you see in the foyer) this color, as well. Yuck! It is a robin's egg, aqua blue, more green than grey and more 'spa' like than the more neutral, natural color I had expected. It actually looks different from the color card. And I'm thinking this is a very expensive mistake, even though I had tried a sample can. During the day, the color is much softer, but at night (under full spectrum light bulbs), it is such as bright green aqua I can't stand it!

    All of the above were Estate Emulsion. I have to say, BM Aura paint goes on much more easily and with less coats. I find that the FB doesn't work well with a brush to do the cutting in at ceiling and corners - you need a small roller. Also, coverage takes 3 coats and there is still a lot of touch ups.

    I am wondering if the mistakes I made with the Skylight and Light Blue were painting over Benjamin Moore latex primer in white. I didn't use the FB primer, though I know the recommended primer is white. Any ideas??...

  • kitchendetective
    12 years ago

    I doubt the primer is the issue. F & B changes tremendously in changing light conditions, especially the blue/greens. You haven't mentioned what your daylight exposures are, what part of the country/world you inhabit, etc., but it all affects the color experience. Some of us delight in all the changes, some of us, well, not so much. Sometimes, some of the appearances are desirable, some of the others, not. This sounds like what happened to you. You could try changing out light bulbs. I know I used Teresa's Green, which I think is beautiful, but which goes rather putrid under fluorescents, unfortunately. Many of the F & B colors have green tones in them. I have found this in some blues, beiges, yellows, and whites. It is probably true of other colors that I haven't sampled. As I live in a wooded area, that effect can be exaggerated. Also, some posters here state that Estate Emulsion requires three coats for proper coverage. Other formulations only two coats. I have not found this to be true, although I used four coats with Radicchio Estate Emulsion. I used two coats with Red Earth Estate Emulsion quite satisfactorily. I have never, ever, had a problem with brushing or cutting in F & B paint. That pudding-like texture has always been just great for me and mine. Even DH thinks it's wonderful stuff. It is my favorite paint of all time, both with respect to texture and odor, as well as application. It is my default paint and I try hard to use it in my painting projects, if at all possible. That said, sometimes the colors just don't work because of the green undertones. I also refused to use it in my son's garage. Just wasn't worth the premium price point. I'd love to see yours when it's done though.