Bosch Nexxt 800 has NO COLD Rinse!

July 30, 2008

If you are considering a Bosch Nexxt 800 washer, BE WARNED!

We've been renovating for almost a year and finally moved in last Saturday.

The GC screwed up my washer/dryer installation so I haven't been able to use them both until yesterday.

Today, bc of a "problem" I was having with my Nexxt 800 washer, I had a service tech here. My problem was that my COLD normal wash was finishing very warm. The retailer suggested that the plumber may have reversed the hot/cold plumbing, so I tried a HOT wash and still finished very warm.

The repair guy very nicely told me that the fact that the machine finished warm whether I selected a HOT or COLD cycle was normal! He verified that with a technician on teh phone, and confirmed that there was no way to override that feature!

He said ALL front loaders are now unable to have a cold water rinse! (He further suggested that the machine will not draw only cold or only hot for the wash cycle, but the Bosch tech confirmed the wash water temps listed in the manual, which are 60 F fir cold, 90 F for warm, 120 F for hot, 150 F for KidsCare, and 170 F for Sanitary.)

I'm pretty ticked off about this Bosch washer! First, the option that I SAW in Karl's in NJ, for a Rinse/Spin setting, is NOT on my model - they have discontinued that option (although I watched the service guy go through the steps to get it to drain and spin so he wouldn't have to wait for an entire cycle to run!)

But for a COLD wash to rinse in WARM water completely defeats the purpose of washing in cold water, for me! This is to prevent color runs, shrinkage, to follow clothing laundering instructions, etc.! How dare they discontinue that feature and not even let anyone know?

Before calling the service guy, I called Bosch to find out the rinse temps for the various wash cycles, since it is nowhere to be found in the manual that I read cover-to-cover. The woman on the phone said NOTHING about only rinsing in warm water! (although she did confirm that the info was not available for her to send to me.)

Are there any new model, front loader washers that still let you choose your rinse temp? And hopefully have a heater on board that will heat the water in all wash cycles to the correct temp (main reason I chose the Bosch), and has a rinse/spin only option?

If it will fit under the counter I had installed above my Bosch, I'd strongly consider a swap!

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