Huh? The 3/8" gas flexline won't thread onto new Kenmore dryer?

8 years ago

We just replaced our six-year-old LG gas dryer with a new Kenmore 7.1 CF gas dryer (which is also built by LG, and is nearly identical to the current LG DLG2251W, linked below).

In fact, our old LG dryer is pretty much identical to our new Kenmore--all rear hookups are in the exact same locations. However, when attempting to attach the previous gas flexline (I was planning to buy a new flexline once the laundry room was finished), the female 3/8th fitting simply won't "catch" the threads of the new dryer's male 3/8 gas inlet. No matter how parallel I keep the flexline's nut aligned to the LG's male gas inlet, it just won't "thread." I have good access, and I'm using a Crescent adjustable wrench.

I inspected the threads on the flexline, and none appear damaged. I suspect that the gas inlet fitting on the new dryer is either malformed or miss-threaded, but I can't tell visually. All modern natural gas dryer inlets are 3/8" right? It's definitely not an LP inlet (which are only 1/4" and only installed as an option). Any other ideas as to what's wrong?

Kemore 7.1 CF gas dryer model 91172:

Nearly identical to:

LG 7.1 gas dryer model DLG2251W:

[a user manual PDF is linked on this page]

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