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Long Lasting Flameless Candle?

January 15, 2013

For Christmas I got a bunch of flameless candles from my MIL. They were all different heights & sizes. Wasn't sure how I'd like them so I grouped them all together on an accent table. I actually loved them! Problem? They each require 4 AAA batteries. They are set on a 6hr timer and they have lasted me less than 1 month! I really can't justify spending $24/ mo on batteries for these things! I could only turn them on here and there if I wanted but I really loved coming home to flickering candle light in the dark nights after work. They are from Kohls.

Anyone know of a longer lasting flameless candle/ battery?

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  • chijim

    I find it's worth investing in rechargeable batteries for such things.
    The initial cost may be high, but they will pay for themselves over time.

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  • grlwprls

    I did as chijim suggested. Just filled in my existing stock of rechargeable AAA batteries. We put groups of LED candles in the transom above our atrium doors for Christmas and I loved the look so much...I couldn't bear to take them down and pack them up on these darks days of winter but the operational costs...whoa. The only quibble I have is that we have less and less things that actually take batteries! All the former AAA things seem to be rechargeable these days. So the batteries are really *only* for the candles.

  • ttodd

    I was wondering about rechargeble batteries. Grlwprls - if you hve a picI woud love to see it! It sounds lovely! Yes w/ these long dark winter nights I really liked the warmth of the candles.

  • grlwprls

    Not the best picture - cellphone+dark = photography fail. You can also see our solstice luminaries. New tradition this year. We really enjoyed making them.

  • grlwprls

    Do I need to say that they look a lot better in real life?

  • sis2two

    I have several that I purchased from a little country decor shop here in the valley. I absolutely love them! They take C batteries and last for a long, long time. Don't know the brand, but I would be glad to get you some and mail them. I have them set to come on at about 5:00 and they can be set to stay on for 4 or 8 hours. Just let me know.

  • Fun2BHere

    Try the Candle Impressions brand sold by QVC that run on C or D batteries. They last forever on one set of batteries.

  • ttodd

    Been awhile since I got back to this post. Thank you all so much!

    Grlwprls - how pretty is that?! I may have to steal that idea for our transoms at the holidays. So, so pretty!

    Sis2two - if you could let me know what the pprice range is that would be wonderful - I'd really appreciate it!

    Fun2BHere - I will check out QVC right now.

    I actually just got back from RH and they have C Cell battery operated ones that looked wonderful! 1000 battery life and they are all on sale at $14 - $33 per candle. They looked so good burning - not that spastic on/off flicker that I see a lot. It was more of a pulsating flicker. They also have a real 'wick'.

    I just knew that there had to be something out there w/ cell batteries. Thank you all for giving me options!

  • putch

    I purchased six LED candles on amazon that all require 3 AAA batteries. I spent an additional $25 on rechargeable batteries. At first they lasted a few hours and now it's down to a few minutes on the re-chargeable batteries. The reason why I wanted these particular candles is because they are 3" in diameter and that's what would fit all the candle holders that I liked. I have Luminara candles and LOVE them but they are 3.5" in diameter and hard to find holders that I like that will fit them. Moral of my story - stick with LED candles that require either C or D batteries and don't use re-chargeable batteries.

  • beaniebakes

    Great suggestion. I just bought LED candles that use AAA batteries and have a feeling they won't last long. Next time I'll look for candles that take C or D. I'm surprised at how much I like LED candles.

  • mdln

    Great post & information, thank you!

  • caminnc

    I have used rechargeable tea-lights for years now. Just bought my DD at set. I love them and use them all year.

  • aputernut

    Mine all take watch type batteries last a long time.

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