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Disappointed with my LED recessed lights ... what now?

15 years ago

My LED recessed lights (Cree 6'' 2700K) were installed yesterday. I really had high hopes for these lights. Aside from the high price, they seemed to have everything going for them. I really like that they are super energy-efficient, as well as dimmable, available in a warm color, high CRI, and with no mercury.

But, now that they are installed, I'm disappointed. To their credit, they actually put out a lot more light than I was anticipating, but consequently I find that it is now too bright in my kitchen. Perhaps it would be better with fewer lights or if i had higher ceilings (mine are only 8').

The biggest problem for me is the dimming. When dimmed, there is a faint buzzing sound. I don't know if this is normal, or a problem with my installation. My dimmer switch and housing are both listed as compatible on the Cree website.

Also when dimmed, there seems to be some slight flickering resulting in a bit of a strobe effect. I can't see the flickering when I look at the lights, but it just gives a slightly odd effect in the room. Again, I don't know if this is normal or not.

So now I'm looking for suggestions on what I should do.

Here is a diagram that shows approximately where my lights are installed ...

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