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What do you do with framed art that you don't like?

I just found four framed pieces of wall art that I was storing in the back of our master bedroom closet. They've probably been there for five years. It was interesting to pull them out, but I still don't like them. I haven't been able to bring myself to get rid of them, either.

Two of them I like the frames. One is a framed puzzle; I'm thinking of pulling the puzzle apart and giving it away and re-using the frame. Another is a nice tropical frog poster but the photo is bent. I'd like to toss the poster and keep the frame. (Both of these frames are "floating glass" and would work nicely for collage photos of my kids).

One is a Harper's magazine cover poster my mom gave me years and years ago when I was a teenager, I think when I was 16. I have NEVER liked it and can't believe I still have it. I have no idea where to put it--it's a woman at an old-fashioned public beach or something. I don't know what kind of style of decorating it would suit.

The last is a mother-of-pearl inlay that I think it ugly. I paid way too much money at Michael's to have it framed, thinking I might like it more. WRONG! So that pic I have b/c of how much the framing cost, but I don't like the picture and it's not my style at all. I kind of want to put them all back into the closet...but, really, I should just get rid of them.

What do you do with art you have but don't like?

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