Arts & Crafts/Craftsman bathrooms?

12 years ago

Hi -

We're remodeling an early 1900s house that definitely has some Arts & Crafts/Craftsman/Shingle style influence. Currently I'm trying to get some inspiration for the bathrooms. The downstairs will be all stained wood trim, so I'm thinking we should continue that into the powder room on that floor. The upstairs however will be white trim, so the 2 full baths there will need to coordinate with that. We've remodeled our current early 1900s house but it's much more a Victorian style, so I find myself in unfamiliar waters. Is beadboard paneling appopriate in a Craftsman type house, or would panel wainscot be more the thing to do? I'd love to see/hear what others with this type of house have done - all ideas/pictures/thoughts are appreciated!

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