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Oh No! Will Appliances Fit Through My Doors?

12 years ago

I just had the worst thought. I'm about to close on a 1915 Four Square home (a small one at that), and realized that the front door may not accommodate today's sized appliances.

We're heading over there to measure the door hopefully today or tomorrow to double check, but what happens if they are too narrow? The only other door we can use is the one leading to the basement and I'm pretty sure that door is the same size as the front entry.

It's the oven, fridge and washer and dryer that are the problems of course. All of these are much larger than they made years ago. The fridge in the house now is rather small and the oven is an old 30" (I'm thinking of a 36"). There is no washer/dryer although hookups are there so I imagine there had to have been a set there at one time.

I guess I'm just venting more than anything - and looking to see who else has been through this problem and how they got around it.

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