Farm Sink - 30' or 36' and what brand?

11 years ago

I had originally planned for a 36" Rohl farm sink, but the plumber is telling me its huge and I will need a 39" sink base for it. We had only planned for a 36" base. He is recommending a 30", Im just not sure. Then he says this...

"Just an FYI on the sink, we have used these a couple of times and both times they had to be sent back because they were not able to fabricate the countertops around them. They are hand made and there is a lot of variations to them. Secondly, they weigh 154 lbs without water in them so the cabinet installer has to make sure it is mounted very securely."

Now he has me worried. So if I go through with this, what size should I get and what size cabinet do I need? And Im not sure on brand. There's Kohler, Whitehaus and Rohl. I think the Rohl is the most expensive, but are the others just as good?


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