French Country Yellow and Blue facelift: DONE

13 years ago

For those who don't know me already, I've done 3 kitchens in 3 years; my first house kitchen remodel, which brought me to GWeb, a flip house kitchen, and my current kitchen, which we've now both remodeled and "facelifted" twice in 2 years. (Yes, I'm looking for a 12 step program!)

When we bought our current house, we changed a few things in the kitchen, and in a rush, decided to just repaint everything white. While I love white kitchens, my very rustic saltillo tiles always seemed to clash with the very crisp white cabinetry. I'd wanted yellow cabinets for a while, and after living with the white kitchen for almost 2 years, we finally took the plunge and painted the cabinets, electing to do the island in a French blue.

My kitchen went from one that was okay, to one that I absolutely adore.

Here is a progressive view of what we did, and what we ended up with:

When we bought the house:

Here was the result of the initial remodel. Lovely, but it just never felt like home, and the glaring contrast of the white cabinet and rustic floors always bothered me:

And this is what we've settled on:

Cooktop area before:

And after:

Fridge area before:

And after:

Sink area:

What we did:

Moved refrigerator location to allow stove hood to take center stage.

Had hutch built in place of old refrigerator location.

Had hood built.

Added gas.

Cut out cabinets under cooktop to allow for a stove instead of downdraft cooktop.

Added proper ventilation.

Added arch over window.

Modified cabinets to hold farm sink.

New counters and backsplash.

New appliances. (Waiting for old compactor and DW to die so I can replace!)

Added mini chandeliers over island.

Painted and glazed cabinets.

This kitchen wasn't a total gut/redo, and I wanted to post it for people who may have a good layout (like we did), but just feel that the space needs to be brought up to today's standards.

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