old window rot repair question

November 10, 2011

i have 1921 double hung 6 over 6 windows and trim that are in various stages of disrepair from dry rot and termite damage. some are in pretty good shape and just need reglazing and paint.

south facing windows have the most damage.

what are the correct steps to treat and repair damaged windows and trim?

  1. treat with homemade borate/glycol solution

    2. wood hardener

    3. wood filler- epoxy, putty

do i need to remove as much of the dry rot/soft wood first or will the borate/glycol solution followed with wood hardener stablize it?

read that borate/glycol weakens wood and bonding of wood filler?

live in los angeles, low humidity, stucco exterior.

being november, its not the best time to tackle window repairs, but i had some water dripping inside from one window during the last storm.

from the roof, i can see the problem window has metal flashing over the top of the badly weathered exterior trim.

i plan on keeping and repairing the original windows but not so sure about the exterior trim. would replacing it with similar sized but longer lasting trim (not wood) look horrible?

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