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how deep is you dish hutch (to the counter)?

February 4, 2014

If you have a dish hutch that is an upper cabinet extending down to the counter, how deep is it please?

Is 18" too deep?

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  • illinigirl

    let me clarify----the dish hutch will be right next to standard depth (12") uppers. So it will protrude next to the uppers. Would it look better flush with the uppers?

  • localeater

    Mine is 15". I remember distinctly thinking that 12" was too shallow and 18" too deep.... I do not have any uppers adjacent to it but I am very pleased with the depth.

  • prairiemom61

    Ours is standard depth, 12". It is deep enough to hold our nice china plus some large bowls. We really like it.

  • ILoveRed

    I have a hutch ideabook on Houzz.

    Heres a pic. I think the shallower regular cabinet looks fine next to the full height hutch. It would look better if the smaller cabinet to the right was wider, IMO.

    I noticed on Houzz that a lot of the hutch pics are deeper if it does not have drawers (in the uppers). If there are drawers, it seems like they are shallower exposing more countertop.

  • ILoveRed

    Hutch with no drawers (deeper). Love this one.

  • illinigirl

    thanks for the replies so far. Here is my range wall if that helps you form any opinions on how deep it should be. The one things is I certainly won't plan on really using that counter space but I can see how it would be nice to stack dinner plates in front of it out of the dishwasher and then lift them into the hutch.



    This is a first pass design with the hutch. I am adding a drawer and probably will go with glass. In adding the hutch we needed to shift the range over.....so I lost one drawer bank but increased the sizes of the others (before I had 2 25" wide drawer banks and two 18" wide drawer banks, and now I have one 32" wide and 2 27" wide). Also I am looking at extending the cabinetry out a little towards the slider (seen to the right of the plan) and dividing those inches to each side of the range, making even wider drawer banks, but not adding drawer banks. Is that a good approach?


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  • illinigirl

    is my photo coming out rotated the wrong way at all? I edited it in photobuck but to my eyes I still see it rotated wrong.

  • illinigirl

    Bumping for any more input please!

  • robo (z6a)

    Personal opinion...at first glance I was thinking you could go almost full depth with the hutch as with the second picture red lover posted. Then I started thinking about my dishes -- in a glass front hutch it's going to look neater the less things are stacked in behind each other. So maybe a medium depth is better than a full depth?

    I've heard people say the wider the better with pots and pans banks ... what if you went 30" or 33" on either side instead of 27"? It's nice to have some space from the slider so the oven isn't blocking slider light but it looks like you have lots of space.

    I don't know how your kitchen functions so this is a grain of salt question, but would it work to switch ovens and hutch and then have glass sides on three sides of the hutch to let light penetrate from the slider to the range area?

  • romy718

    Mine are 12.5" with 11.5" of interior space. The left one butts against a full depth appliance cabinet.

  • 1929Spanish

    I have a small one for large bowls. It's 18" square. Just the right size for my bowls.

  • illinigirl

    thanks for the replies! Another thing where it varies to personal taste/requirements I suppose. I think robo that you are right though about placing things single-deep on the shelf vs double....and I planned for single....so perhaps 18" deep is too deep in that regard. Maybe I shorten it to 15 or 16" which then allows me to place a stack of plates on the counter in front of the hutch while unloading the d/w.

    Robo, my d/w is in the island directly across the hutch so I cannot move it to the oven position without relocating the d/w and sink (both in island.) I do like your idea about letting light filter in from that end. Fortunately the whole left side of my kitchen is open to the dinette which has a 3-wide set of windows facing south so I think plenty of light will filter into the kitchen space.

  • bardzil

    illinigirl, did you build your kitchen yet? how deep did you make your hutches? I'm debating the same thing now. Ours will hide small appliances on the bottom so 18" depth would be ideal for that, but I think i'd like the look of a 16.5" hutch better.

  • Fori

    Post a layout (maybe in a new thread if this one doesn't pick up) because it makes a difference on what the surroundings are.

    (I don't have a hutch, but all my upper cabinets are 18" deep and it's pretty great.)

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