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White or off white trim? Help!

12 years ago


I have cross-posted this in decorating as well. We are building a new home that is a "production builder" not custom, but the on-site project manager is flexible with some of the choices. I consulted with a decorator/designer about pulling together our furniture and accessories in the new house. She suggested that we consider painting the trim a warm white rather than the stark "builder white." Our wall color is a medium tone from the Duron Antebellum Whites collection  it is now called Tuscan Tan, but was formerly Sienna Sand. Our hardwood floors will be a medium walnut and the kitchen cabinets are a dark cherry, almost an espresso. The kitchen granite is Tropic Brown. The carpeted areas are a neutral tan color.

I know so much of this is a matter of personal taste. I donÂt hate white trim, but I have seen other trim choices that look great in custom homes. However, we donÂt have much time to make a decision.

If you have an "off white trim" what did you do for your outlets and light plates? I do not like the look of decorative wall plates or painted wall paints if the receptacle or toggle switch remains white. (Again, just personal preference, not meaning to offend anyone elseÂs choices.) I am afraid that the "cream" outlets and plates supplied by the builder may look dingy or too dark. Also the HVAC vents are in the ceiling, so they will be noticeable. And what about other mechanicals, like the thermostat? How much is it going to bug me if the mechanicals are "stark white" and the trim is "off white?" Oh, and the blinds are already ordered and canÂt be changed and they will be white. And there are decorative white tile accents in the secondary baths.

We do have a two story foyer and open family room so the ceilings are quite high. I am thinking that we should paint the ceiling the same as the wall color to bring it down a bit visually. We have upgraded the crown molding so it will be a focal point. I feel like I may be making a faux pas by having "builder white" trim (which almost has a blue/purple tint on the fan deck) when everything else in the house is warm tones, so I am not sure which choice may be the lesser of the evils.

Picking out the "off white" trim color is not the issue...we have that selected and the builder is willing to do it. I'm just not sure that I will like the end result with all the other "white white" items in the house.

Opinions, please? Thank you!

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