Hardwood floors, rugs, and life (pets, kids, etc.)

11 years ago

We have carpet through most of the house. Bedrooms will stay carpet but the LR, hall, steps to the basement are starting to look worn already. I knew it wasn't great carpet but I didn't expect it to look like this so soon.

Why am I worrying about this now? Because I want time to plan, think, and price before my carpet is terrible and I have no game plan.

We will always have pets (currently have three cats - pretty sure that's the cat limit), eventually two kids and maybe even a dog.

I'm curious about hardwood and animals having any type of accident on it. It's hairballs here. How does the floor hold up?

Had a fun hairball to clean up this morning on an area rug with tassels (IN the tassels!) which brings me to. . . If we got hardwood I would eventually need a large rug in the LR. Those of your with rugs, especially the expensive, quality, hand knotted rugs. . . can you run a dyson sweaper over them? I know not all rugs are created equal so maybe this is about impossible to answer. I guess I'll be real and say I don't want any flooring I have to baby. I live out in the country and I don't even know of a professional rug cleaning place around here. Plus, I read it's expensive and it sounds like a hassle. I'm all about spot cleaning and using a do it yourself shampooer. If quality rugs are a big deal to up keep there's always synthetic but even those I'm not sure if you can drag a shampooer over? To me the rug issue is very important in the final decision. I think a room looks unfinished with no rug and hw.

I know some people that have hardwood and hate it because animal hair floats. My cats can leave some serious hair around the house and I don't want to have to mess with the floors everyday. As it is now I have to run the sweaper every couple days at a minimum.

Many years ago my parents spent a bunch of money on quality carpet and padding. It's lasted forever. Mom always kept up with cleaning but to this day it still (swear) doesn't show traffic marks and isn't matted down.

Either way, it's going to be a real pain to move everything around to change the flooring. My stairs will be another issue I'll have to deal with if we go with hardwood. If you remember my stairs you might know why. I don't want to keep replacing carpet every so many years. So it's either hardwood or quality carpet.

I will say I don't mind and slightly enjoy vacuuming. While I think hardwood looks much nicer I think carpet feels better on the feet and feels slightly more homey. I'm also one that likes plush, see the vacuum marks, neutral carpet.

I guess the condensed version:

1. Do you love your hardwood?

2. What about animals and kid oopsies?

3. What type of area rugs do you have? How do you clean/take care of them?

Thanks! - And sorry about the odd spacing. Not sure what's wrong.

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