90's oak kitchen with decisions?? pics!

9 years ago

Thank you to those who showed me how to upload pics! here goes ...hope it works!.... Here is my 90's oak kitchen...complete with formica made to look like granite :-)

We are pretty much redoing everything (cabinets, floor, counter, BS) but are keeping the general layout the same. I've found my granite (Bianco Antico)'s a pic of one of our slabs on hold. Of course, the photo doesn't do it has whites, creams, browns, cinnamon, grays and black in it:

So...cabinets will be paint grade in a warm white called "Acacia Flower white"...they will go to the ceiling with lots of upper lighted display windows. We are casing the windows with fluted trim and styles and putting a small shelf over the tops...bumping out the sink with vase turned pillars (also on the end of the "L"). Floors will be Noche travertine.

I'm trying to make all of the colors work and decide on a BS with the granite as the star (of course). My first choice for the BS was this amazing green crackled glass subway tile but it really tries to upstage the granite and is really the wrong color so I'm not going to use it. I'm toying with the idea of doing a cream porcelain BS using subway tiles, a fine beading and ornate embossed 6" tiles all in the same cream. Here are some pics:

First off: from left...travertine flooring, white sub tile (too stark?), ornate cream tile (love it) with cream sub, then the amazing crackled glass sub (not using) and, below it is the beading I want to use with the other cream tiles

This last photo includes the cabinet color (above the sub tiles)....I know whites don't show up well on the cptr but, I'm thinking the pure white sub tile is too stark...and that the cream would be warmer for the granite and overall feel

So...what do you think? I love all kinds of etched glass, embossed porcelain, linens etc so I'm not afraid of lots of white but I'm concerned about mixing whites/creams and how it will all go together. I think there is enough contrast to be interesting without clashing and most of all I want it to go with the granite. One other thought too....all but one of our appliances are white. They will remain white until we must replace them so I'm a little stuck.

Any thoughts?

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