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90's oak kitchen redo...help with decisions?? pics!

February 27, 2012

Thank you to those who showed me how to upload pics! here goes ...hope it works!.... Here is my 90's oak kitchen...complete with formica made to look like granite :-)

We are pretty much redoing everything (cabinets, floor, counter, BS) but are keeping the general layout the same. I've found my granite (Bianco Antico)..here's a pic of one of our slabs on hold. Of course, the photo doesn't do it justice..it has whites, creams, browns, cinnamon, grays and black in it:

So...cabinets will be paint grade in a warm white called "Acacia Flower white"...they will go to the ceiling with lots of upper lighted display windows. We are casing the windows with fluted trim and styles and putting a small shelf over the tops...bumping out the sink with vase turned pillars (also on the end of the "L"). Floors will be Noche travertine.

I'm trying to make all of the colors work and decide on a BS with the granite as the star (of course). My first choice for the BS was this amazing green crackled glass subway tile but it really tries to upstage the granite and is really the wrong color so I'm not going to use it. I'm toying with the idea of doing a cream porcelain BS using subway tiles, a fine beading and ornate embossed 6" tiles all in the same cream. Here are some pics:

First off: from left...travertine flooring, white sub tile (too stark?), ornate cream tile (love it) with cream sub, then the amazing crackled glass sub (not using) and, below it is the beading I want to use with the other cream tiles

This last photo includes the cabinet color (above the sub tiles)....I know whites don't show up well on the cptr but, I'm thinking the pure white sub tile is too stark...and that the cream would be warmer for the granite and overall feel

So...what do you think? I love all kinds of etched glass, embossed porcelain, linens etc so I'm not afraid of lots of white but I'm concerned about mixing whites/creams and how it will all go together. I think there is enough contrast to be interesting without clashing and most of all I want it to go with the granite. One other thought too....all but one of our appliances are white. They will remain white until we must replace them so I'm a little stuck.

Any thoughts?

Comments (22)

  • slonewby

    posting a close up of the cream tiles together with beading. Do you think it will need a darker accent to not be too boring?

    I saw this photo and notice they used a dark crackle glass with the BA...kinda looks nice...do you think I could incorporate that with the above? Or, would that lean to the "too busy" side of things?

    Thanks so much. This is all new to me. Husband just sprung it on my last month (the idea to re-do the kitchen~) and our contractor wants to start in 2-3 weeks!

  • remodelfla

    What style are you cabinet doors/drawers going to be? For me, if they are embellished/beaded/have grooves or overlays; I think the embossed ceramic might be a bit much. What about the cracked glass in a different color? Sonoma Tantrum tile has a bunch of colors. I am a huge fan of glass though.

  • herbflavor

    It is a large space and the shades seem alittle bland together..I would get something bolder or more contrast-y somewhere. Possibles:change color of upper or lower cabs...make a break in counter and put wood at top of U [across from fridge] a darker floor-maybe slate type shades.[I'd seriously think of a hardwood floor though]..stronger bolder granite.

  • SaraKat

    I would keep it simple. Your granite is the star and the back splash is just in a supporting role. It's a busy and gorgeous granite and I would not try to put any accent pieces in a backsplash with it. Especially as you point out your window trim is going to be fluted with shelves above for display. It's hard not to want to do a lot with the backsplash because of all the beautiful things they have but what I have noticed is that they look fabulous in the little displays at the showroom but as a big backsplash can lose that art piece factor and just look like too much. You have picked out some wonderful things and I like your kitchen layout a lot! It's going to be beautiful!

  • Specific ibex

    Can you tell me what brand/ where you found the green crackled glass subway tile?

    I agree it would compete with your granite; for my kitchen it might be just right!


  • Bunny

    Can you get a sample of your granite to take with you to the tile stores or at least have at home with your tile samples? I had loved all sorts of tile but in the end I was going in a color direction that didn't do my counters any favors. It required me to reconsider my palette and go in a slightly different direction. If you want your beautiful granite to be the star, you have to find supporting actors who don't try to steal scenes. ;-)

  • slonewby

    Hi all and thanks for the comments

    Remodelfla: our cabinets are simple shaker style with a Roman edge. The only detail will be around the window and the turned posts on the lower cabs beneath the window.

    Herbflavor: good ideas, I'll think on them. We really can't do wood flooring as we have a moisture issue and our lifestyle will probably ruin it fast (ranch work, mechanics, dogs etc)

    Sarakat and linelle: I tend to agree..keep it simple. I'm trying to get a sample of the granite but probably won't be able to until it goes to the fabricators.

    Zen978: The crackled glass is being discontinued b/c it has gotten a bad rap for being used in showers. It can't handle any constant water. I don't know the maker as even the sample board I have has the name stripped off of it. I can ask the tile place who makes it.

    Here are a few design plans to help....it has changed a little since these but here's a start:

  • live_wire_oak

    You desperately need contrast in this kitchen. All of the beige color choices will blend together in a cookie dough colored mass otherwise and your eyes will glaze over. I'd suggest doing a darker floor and darker backsplash and both with some texture. With the proper lighting that any room needs, including under cabinet lighting, it will NOT be too dark. It will be rich and dramatic.

    The Tile Superstore WIllow Brown

    LuxeTile African Brown Porcelain

    If you want natural stone, maybe Emperador Dark Marble?

    For the backsplash

    Merola Cobble from Home Depot

    Deep Brown glass from Susan Jablon.

    Brown Beveled 4x13 Subways from LuxeTile

  • slonewby

    I hadn't thought about going to a darker floor....that might work but I wanted to use the same floor for the dining, livingroom and small bath (it's a very open floorplan and all rooms just open up to each other)...I went lighter for that reason but I can see I need darker in the kitchen. The granite is very, very bold and busy so I really feel I need to keep texture and color simple. Oh, how do people pull these beautiful kitchens together?!

  • beekeeperswife

    Wait until your counters are in. Then make the back splash decision. You will see how gorgeous that stone is and you won't want to take the focus off of it. Trust me.

    I just suggested this tile again to someone else, but take a look at Mandala Tile. the Sinu collection. When srg215 did her kitchen she checked it out and fell in love. The Stingray works so perfectly with the BA. They do have other colors too that are lighter.

    So I suggest, wait. See your kitchen first. Then start bringing home samples to look at. Once you have your cabinets, floor and counter you will be able to make a great decision.

    best of luck

  • aktillery9

    That granite pops when set on stained or dark cabinet bases. Maybe do dark on bottom and cream on top?



  • slonewby

    Bee....yes, good point. I will wait til the cabs and granite are in before making final choice on the BS. I'm trying to figure out the overall palette right now I guess. I'll take a look at the tiles you mentioned

    I'm finding that I just don't have a balance between darks and lights. I want the kitchen to be light and warm but the granite screams for something to balance and ground the dark portions.

    I like the dark lower cabs but I don't think it will work in my big, circular kitchen (too much dark)..I might use that for an island later. I'm leaning toward looking at darker floors now. The big three (cabs, counters and floors) need to be solid in my head before I can rest!

    I'm off to the showroom...again.

  • slonewby

    back from the showroom...found these options for floors. Not sure I could do the whole downstairs this dark though...comments??? The last one is actually the warmest but it has some rust color on some tiles..not sure I like that.

  • Specific ibex

    If you're going with white lower cabs, I really like the second floor tile you've just posted (Dark Pebble). It brings out the similar shade in the granite and gives the granite dimension. It's a nice warm earthy color.

  • hosenemesis

    Oooh- I like these flooring choices very much. The middle one looks like it would be less likely to show the dirt that your ranch lifestyle will inevitably bring into the kitchen. I agree with the others that you can decide on the backsplash when you have the cabs etc. in.

    Only you can tell if you will like the darker flooring throughout the rest of the house. I would be cautious- no matter how lovely, if it drives you nuts because the golden retriever's hair shows up all over it you will be unhappy. How does the dark color work with the existing furniture you own?

  • slonewby

    Hi Zen and Renee~
    yes,we are going with white (off-white) lower and upper cabs. I like the dark pebble as well but it does have little shiny flecks in it that I'm not too crazy about. I do like the tone and warmth it gives and if we do use the cream BS tiles, it all goes very, very nicely.

    As for darker floor throughout the house....hmmm. Most of our furniture is dark (cherry, walnut, dark stained mahogany)...and our downstairs is essentially one large room. We have fairly dark carpet in there now and if I kept my walls light, it would work. As for the golden retriever hair (Australian Shep, Pomeranian and springer span. hair in reality)...sigh....are dark floor *that* hard to keep clean? I suppose I'd be sweeping and swiffering alot?

    I probably need to figure out where I could make a transition on my floor to go from dark to lighter...or do the perimeter in the dark and maybe a carpet inset??

    I looked at the darker travertines but they were not very pretty and still carried that yellow tint when I wetted them to see how they'd seal.


  • KBSpider

    Remember that most tile lines have color "families." So if you like that middle one, dark pebble, see if they have a lighter color that you could potentially use in the other parts of your house. Then at least you'd only have slighter higher maintenance in your kitchen, although you might sweep in there more often anyway. And you'd still have a nice flow from room to room because the style is the same. Just a thought.

  • herbflavor

    The dark pebble is a nice look...we used some large Florida tile on a project-it handles well and has really held up.

  • slonewby

    I'm leaning toward the last tile. It has more texture and shows less dirt than Dark Pebble. It kind of reminds me of a chocolate colored slate. Now I'm on to finalizing my cabinets. I had NO idea that there were so many decisions to make on cabinets!!!

  • rosie

    It'd probably be a very nice choice, but the more you can see in place to make your choice the better. With all the random movement in your gorgeous granite, I'm thinking other patterns need to be very calm.

    BTW, regarding your backsplash, how about a tile with a glaze that has the depth of the crackle but without the actual crackle? Your picture of the "dark crackle glass" made me think now nice that could look if it were kept simple.

    Regarding contrast, I refer you back to that picture and on to...thousands of others. Contrast can be added to great effect anywhere from delicately as in that kitchen or very boldly, the amount chosen strictly a matter of personal preference. Plus, of course, there'll be your floor if you go dark.

  • slonewby

    Getting excited! Our builder came over today and we chatted about some more options. I still haven't signed off on my cabinets yet...still tweaking here and there. But, we'll be ordering flooring next week, the granite is on hold and cabinets should take 2-3 weeks......aaaaaah!

  • slonewby .

    6 years later update! wow!!! has it been that long??? I LOVE EVERY SINGLE CHOICE WE MADE for our kitchen and still love it today. The floor is amazing and doesn't show dirt at all. The cabinets and lighting are lovely. The granite is still the star and I'm daily thrilled with my simple, bevelled subway tile backsplash. I just wanted to pop in and say thank you all again for your help in my crazy decision making process!

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