Banquette Bench: CKGM and Shelayne -- pics please!

March 29, 2012


On the heels of 2LittleFishies -

I'd love to see photos of the IKEA banquette benches - hopefully depicting the "filler" needed.

Can these benches be mobile, or must they be built in?

Thanks much.

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  • dilly_ny

    Mine was very simple. I paid more to have the vinyly cushion made for the top than I did for the bench cabinets. Ikea cabinets, 12" deep. 2 cabinets topped with 16" deep cushion. I was still able to use the cabinets for storage, but it was awkward to access. Here it is:

    With ikea wall mounted table and trimmed with beadboard:

    Served me well for many years. The space for bench and table was only 5 feet wide! Glad to see it go and get something more spacious. Nonetheless, Ikea cabinets are as good as new (though at least 8 years old) and I will reuse them in my garage.

  • cakelly1226

    I don't have pics yet but the last at Ikea said people do it all the time. The dimensions of the fan cabinet are 30 or 36 wide, 13 inches deep and 15 inches high- perfect when you add a cushion. Thank you Dilly_NY! I wanted to do a bead board back so that helps a bunch. promise to post pics when done- planning on doing this project next week.

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    I think the photo you show is certainly lovely and if it's the style you like, then you should use it as your inspiration. I do want to point out that the banquette is really just base boxes against a wall with cushions. This is the easiest way to go, but may not be the most comfortable as the seat to back is a 90 degree angle. A more comfortable seating is when the back is angle back slightly, or there is a more substantial cushion on the back, which means you need a deeper seat to accommodate. This image above shows what I mean about an angled back. This one is obviously rounded, which is a nice feature, but you can do an angled back with a squared design as well. You can also have back cushions made that are mounted on the wall above the bench seats as I did for this client below: Good luck!
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  • shelayne

    Hi BalTra, here is a shot of mine. It is three 36" W X 15"H, 24" deep cabinets, cut to a depth of 22.5" (I think), topped with Lagan butcher block and cushions. The filler is a piece on each end, as the bench is almost 10' long. I originally wanted it to be moveable, but DH wanted it built-in. Since he was the one installing it, he won.;) He built a low platform for it. The cushions bring the height over the height of the chairs, but it has not been a problem for us. If we wanted to, we could remove the cushions, and only have the wood top, as we finished that with Waterlox, and it would be the same height as the dining chairs.

    And so you can see what I mean about lots of storage, here is a pic with the drawers open (that white thing in the middle drawer is a big bread machine):

    The "Costco" snack drawer is one that is constantly accessed. We call it the "Costco drawer" because it generally has those huge Costco snack bags, popcorn, store bought cookies, and like items.

    We are very happy with how our banquette bench turned out.

  • modthyrth

    I absolutely LOVE your bench, Shelayne! I'd been thinking I wanted a rectangular table with two benches, but looking at all that marvelous extra storage, I've completely changed my mind!

  • cakelly1226

    THAT LOOKS PERFECT! It is exactly what I want. I was trying to picture it based on your post from before and couldn't understand what you meant by drawers and couldn't figure how to use those cabs since they are so wide. Didn't think of just cutting them down to size- duh!
    What drawers did you use with the cabinet? And did you need the feet to open the drawers? Could you just placed them on the 2x4 bracket? I need to give plans to my GC on how to build them in so I need a bit of guidance. SO not an expert DIY person here!

  • BalTra

    Wow, and THANKS to you both for sharing.
    Shelayne, please share as many details as you can. I'd like to copy your hard work.
    I do want to have a mobile bench, though & wonder how well that could work with the IKEA kitchen cabs.
    I am impressed by how well you made the banquette fit in with your dining table.

    Do you wish you had a pedestal table, or is it working out with the traditional legs?

  • shelayne

    Thank you!

    I did custom door/drawer fronts for all my IKEA cabinets. I used Advantage Cabinet Doors and am very happy with them. Because I went custom, I was able to have the drawer fronts be 15" high. Otherwise, the IKEA drawer fronts are 12.5" at their highest.

    The bun feet are merely decorative. In fact, I velcroed them, but they keep falling down, so I need to figure something a little better, but not permanent because it is nice to move them when cleaning. Maybe some earth magnets or something. Hmmm.

    Anyway--yes, you could just put it on a lower platform, which is what we did. Then I painted the toe kick black, so that it would look more like a bench with feet.

    We purchased everything from IKEA piecemeal. The fridge boxes, and then three 36" deep drawer kits. We ganged the cabs together and screwed them into the platform/frame. It was very easy. DH added filler to each end of the bench,and I painted it to match. DH also framed out the seating area above with wainscoting and cap.

    I know I have pics of different stages. I will hunt around and post them later, if that will help.

  • shelayne

    BalTra, it is working fine with the traditional legs, but I wouldn't mind having it be pedestal. I bought the table and chairs before I had finalized my banquette plan. I am fine with it because I love how it goes together.

    You could easily make your bench mobile, you would just need to finish the backside as well and put it on low feet, instead of a built-in platform. This is what I originally wanted, but was overruled. You would need to make sure that, if you have more than one cabinet, they are ganged together securely.

  • cakelly1226

    Thanks so much Shelayne! Think I am going to just keep it to doors even though the drawers look really great and functional. I just don't have enough in the budget for that. Trying to keep this project to around 700 with 400 budgeted for labor(DH and I are NOT DIY- we just stink).

    So you have them on a platform? Did you use 2x4's? I love the back part of the bench too- thought of the same idea using beadboard. Did you make your own cushions?

  • shelayne

    You're welcome, CKGM. I was trying to figure out how much we spent for our banquette. I am thinking it was between $500-$600, including the custom drawer fronts. We are DIYers, so no labor costs. Yeah, the deep drawer kits run $40 for the 36" wide now. That can add up when you are doing more than one or two cabs. I am pricing these things out again because we are doing a bathroom, and I'm going to use IKEA kitchen cabs. I mean, why not?

    I "sorta" made the cushions. I bought custom inserts online, which came to around $120. Then I had some IKEA slipcovers that I found on closeout, and I was able to fashion some cushions out of the slipcovers. The lumbar cushions were ready-made, I just pulled them out of the packaging. Hee hee. I feel like I "cheated". ;)

  • a2gemini

    Shelayne - Love those benches - we are doing something similar in our sunroom - our is only about 72 inches long - between his and her cabinets and we each have a drawer....
    Tell me more about the custom inserts - I love the idea!

  • shelayne

    Thank you, a2gemini!

    Here is a link to my source for the custom foam cushions I ordered online. I had them wrapped in dacron, and I believe I didn't get the top of the line, but the next level down. So far, so good.

    Here is a link that might be useful: cushion inserts

  • shelayne

    I need to make a correction. We cut the depth of the cabinets to about 21.5". The 22.5" I mentioned was the depth of the Lagan Butcherblock top we put on top. I just measured to make certain.

    This was a depth that still allowed us to have the full-sized drawers and the soft close mechanism that attaches to the back of the rail. There are probably only milimeters spare.

  • a2gemini

    Thannks Shelayne!
    Will check it out!

  • a2gemini

    Sheylayne -
    A couple more questions
    What thickness did you order?
    Do you remember which version of the foam you ordered - there are about 6 different types of foam.

  • shelayne

    Sorry, I was away from the computer today, so I just now saw your questions.

    I ordered 4" thick, and I believe I ordered the HD36 Regular and had them wrapped in dacron.

    Hope that helps!

  • a2gemini

    Absolutely and thanks!!!
    Cabinets are to be delivered tomorrow..

  • fouramblues

    Shelayne, I love your banquette! I want to do something similar in my mud room. But I don't see anything like your drawer bench/cabinet at Ikea. Would you be willing to share specifics? (At the beginning of kitchen planning, I seriously considered Ikea cabinetry, but couldn't find more than a few limited options. Clearly GW people have found a secret to which I'm not privy. Would love to be let in on the secret. :) )

  • a2gemini

    I am doing something similar using Brookhaven and then the GC is adding a back.
    My husband and I will each have our own drawer - but instead of going all the way across the room, we are adding our own "caves" on each end.
    The end cabinets are actually slightly different than the diagrams
    We will each have 2 "file size drawers" and then above that we will have a pull out cutting board to use as a desk. One more drawer for charging our "toys"
    The top part will open like an "entertainment" system, so my DH can keep his open during the week and then we can close it when we have company. When open, the doors won't get in the way as they will slide into the pockets - It does shrink the usable space slightly.
    Then as a surprise for my husband, I ordered Rev-a-shelf sliding closet bar, so he can hang a few items up if he wants. (Help me understand why he can't use the wall closet.... but has to put in the sunroom - but created it to make it functional for DH)
    I can't wait to put together cushions when installed.

  • BalTra

    This thread - all of you - has been great.

    I think we needs lots and lots of details from you a2gemini. Measurements, ideas, more more more please! I must create a version of this in my little house.

    THANKS for sharing.

  • shelayne

    a2gemini, that is what I wanted to do initially--have the two tall cabs with the bench in between. It was one of those things that changed along the process. That is going to be beautiful--I can't wait to see it! How exciting that your cabinets are coming tomorrow--Woo Hoo!

    fouramblues, IKEA doesn't have a specific bench, but it is easy enough to make one using their stock cabinets. I used their over-the-fridge cabinets because I wanted deeper seating and drawers. Lots of people use the standard wall cabinet depth, 15" high cabinets to do the same thing. It just depends on what kind of bench seating you want, and what kind of storage you need. We just started with plain ole IKEA over-the-fridge cabinet boxes and ganged them together--

    Like this:

    We attached them to a platform constructed from 2X4s, added a couple of filler pieces on each end. As I mentioned upthread, we went with custom doors, so I could have the cabinets in any configurations I wanted, as I wasn't held to the IKEA door/draw front sizes.

    For the banquette, I purchased and installed three 36" IKEA deep drawer kits, which look like this:

    Then we trimmed out the seating area with wainscoting and added a top for the bench seat and attached the drawer fronts. Later I threw together some cushions.

    Voila! DIY banquette bench. :)

  • a2gemini

    BalTra - Thanks! I can give you more details - but have to head to work soon. We can go off line via email or if others are interested, we can keep it on GW. You can contact me via my GW page - but sometimes email doesn't work, so will check both locations. The cabinets were my idea but had help with design. Hopefully, I can get a picture of the real thing soon!

    Sheylayne - wish we were as creative as you. My DH is not a DIY person and both of us work too many hours. I will try to make the cushions - thanks for your help. You are amazing!!

  • a2gemini

    BalTra - the email link to my email doesn't work, so we have to stay on the forum - we can also start a new thread so we don't hijack this one too much...
    Heading to work and I stay off the forum at work so I am not tempted...

  • cakelly1226

    So glad this thread is posted! Demo on our old breakfast buffet is this week and then my GC crew will install. Couldn't have done it without you Shelayne! My CG thought I was nuts when I suggested using Ikea cabs- your pictures made him a believer!

  • fouramblues

    Wow, a2gemini, that is some mudroom!! I've read your description before, but a picture is worth 1000 words!

    Shelayne, thanks a million for posting details with pics! I'm not handy at all (but think I'll be learning to be during this reno), but DH can certainly do what you describe, since I now have terrific directions to show him. :)

  • shelayne

    You guys are very welcome--I am glad I could help! Make certain y'all post pictures! Pretty please? :)

  • a2gemini

    fouramblues- it is actually our sunroom and is about 11 feet square with 2 sets of large windows.
    We plan to put a rise up table in the room to use for munching and then it is a "coffee table" height for socializing.
    Initially, I wanted a "bar" type seating but just didn't work out.

    I wanted the seating to be part of the kitchen and not linear with the rest of the cabinet runs.

    PS - The first run of cabinets installed today!!!

  • fouramblues

    Yes, a2gemini, I realized after rereading that you're creating a sunroom. (Sheepish grin.) It's a beautiful space! And that table is WAY cool. Congrats on the first run of cabinets! I've still just got holes with almost finished foundations in my backyard. The upside to the delays we've had is that I still have my old kitchen, so they're not prolonging the pain.

  • a2gemini

    Four - sounds like you have a long way to go. Check out my recent post on backsplash and you can see some early pictures.
    No problem on the mistake - many of the GW houses are much larger than ours, so I am sure someone has an 11 foot square mudroom = but we couldn't waste this room for mud with 4 large east windows and 3 large south windows.

    Shelayne - just to clarify - the depth of the bench from front to the back is 21.5? Is the back angled at all?
    Did you put a back by the window? We will have to put a low back by the window as my DHs back needs some support.


  • bd50mom

    I love your banquette! What size is your table? Thanks so much!

  • shelayne

    a2gemini, we did not angle the back, but we do have lumbar pillows, which offer a teensy bit of support. OF course, angling the back AND cushions would be optimal. Your bench will be very comfortable. The cabinet box is 21.5" deep, and the butcher block top is 22.5", so there is a little overhang, which I wanted.

    bd50mom, thank you! The table is 52"X41" and has two 12" leaves. We often have one leaf in, as we have guests quite often.

  • a2gemini

    Sheylayne - thanks!!
    Did you put a back at the windows also?
    We have all windows behind the bench area, so trying to construct a back that can fold down if possible....

  • annkathryn

    a2gemini I love your plan and am hoping to do something similar in our master bedroom (window seat + shelves on either side of a window). Would you mind sharing the ballpark dollar amount your cabinets will cost? You can email me via this website if you don't want to post it here.

    Sheylayne and dilly_ny I love your creativity!

  • shelayne

    Hi Gemini, we have wainscoting under the window as well, though there are only a few inches of it. The cushions just go right in front of it and are moveable.

    If we had the dough-re-mi, I would have fought very hard to enlarge that window, as I LOVE banquettes with the full window backdrop. Your fold down back sounds very interesting, though you could probably construct some angled back cushions that velcro or snap to the cushion seat (or not). I have seen those angled forms sold online in custom cushions. Just an idea for you...

    In any case, be sure to post pics!

  • babs711

    Can I butt in here? I found this at a good time as we are working on the dimensions of our window seat/banquette/hutch unit right now. It's being built. But I'm unsure of how high and deep to make things so they're comfortable.

    If we have the seat itself 15" high and plan to put a 4" cushion on it, is that similar to what you guys did? I think that's what I'm reading here. And front to back depth of the actual wood where you sit...about 22 is optimal if I'm going to put pillows behind us? Thanks so much!

  • a2gemini

    Shelayne - Thanks! GC has some ideas - I hope they work.
    Babs - Without the top, ours is sitting at 16.5 inches. Both DH and myself are tall, so I think this will be fine - but your 15 inches might be better overall. We wanted the storage underneath the benches.

    Here is picture of the bench without a top - hope top is installed this week

    On each side is our "caves" - one for each of us. - Who says guys have more fun! I wanted my own storage spot - and it has power inside for charging toys. Pull out cutting board for a work surface and the doors are pocket style doors, so they can be open and hidden!

    and DH cave...

    One last picture to show the power and ventilation through the bottom of the bench.

  • a2gemini

    Missed ur message. I left DH home alone while off helping DM.
    Email me and I can look up pricing. I know it was higher than I planned to spend but wanted am few custom features such as a pull out cutting board foe a work surface and power inside ams well as under the bench. I also wanted "pocket doors" so they are out of the way when open. The picture doesn't show th doors pushed in

  • a2gemini

    Bump so I can respond to Anna when back in town. Poor DH is home alone.
    Sorry for the typos from my phone.

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