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black front door??

March 4, 2009

Does anyone have a BLACK FRONT DOOR photo? I need inspiration. Thanks!

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  • ttodd

    I have a pic. of my black front door somewhere but take caution painting a front door black under certain circumstances.

    I have a darkish brick house, white trim and full covered front porch and now my black front door looks like a big black hole. If I didn't have the front porch I would like my black door. I am painting it a lighter shade of something this Spring.

  • amck2

    I don't have a picture, but my next-door-neighbor has a pale yellow New Englander/white trim/black shutters and a black front door.

    The door was white for years and when they first painted it black, it did look like a hole. I remember driving down the street, the first time I saw it black, and thinking the door had blown open while they were away at work.

    My eye soon adjusted to the change and I can't imagine it white again. The black door punctuates the other features and finishes the look of the front of their house. It also is a nice backdrop for the bittersweet wreath they hang through the fall season and their winter wreath, as well.

  • eliza_824

    Okay, thanks so much... let me elaborate a little...we will have a Old Colonial brick (mostly red) with white grout; upper part of front exterior will be khaki/tan with cream-colored windows and black shutters. Our porch will not be huge, but will be covered with an brick/stone combination archway/entryway.Would you do a solid black door with glass sidelights and a glass transom above? A glass with design? Glass in the door, too?

  • eliza_824

    To clarify ,the khaki part of our front exterior will be STUCCO

  • daisyadair

    There's a pic of mine at the link. I have a sidelight with a small piece of glass in the door itself.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Black Door

  • ttodd

    I agree that wreaths look so nice on a black door. I have a beautiful Fall leaves wreath in brilliant oranges and yellows hung by a wide orange satin ribbon and it looks so pretty on the black door. I know when I go lighter it won't have the exact same impact.

  • k9arlene

    If your front door has an exposure where it's constantly baking in the sun, a dark painted door will need more upkeep than something lighter -- or better yet, stained.

  • gk5040

    Instead of stark black, try a softer black, we had SW wrought iron and I loved it.

  • amysrq

    I think if your home is a Colonial, you should use a traditional solid door....no glass. Let the sidelights and transom be the decorative element. I think those glass doors are transitional and I find most of them too fussy.

    I like very dark colors that suggest black but, upon closer inspection, have some color. Deepest, dark green would be nice with your brick. GK's Wrought Iron looks nice, too.

  • eliza_824

    You all have been so helpful! Thanks so much for the pictures. I like the idea of just having a solid door, with no glass, since we'll have a colonial style home. I also agree that black doors look so nice with the colorful fall wreaths.

    Thanks a million!

  • teacats

    Well -- I LOVE my black-painted front door!


  • yborgal

    Our front door is black and we're happy with the color.

    In addition, our back doors that lead out to the patio were originally white with white trim and we repainted those in black but left the trim white.

  • bonniee818

    If you decide like the previous posted suggested on a color representing black but a deeper green, here is ours. It is called midnight green. Good luck with your painting & keep us posted. Bonnie

  • mistybear11

    I have gray brick and gray siding and black shutters with black eavetrough and facings. I didn't think that the black was actually working and last year I took a chance and repainted. Now I have a very black brown with a slight hint of eggplant. I can't believe the difference. I mixed the paint myself, taking a gallon of the darkest dark browny purple of the paintchip and just started adding black paint and stirring and testing on the door until I got the right colour depth. Maybe you could do the same with your stucco colour by adding the black already mixed paint until you get the desired the depth. It would be black but there would still be a hint of the kakki when it was lit by the sun. Just a thought.

  • eliza_824

    You guys are great----- love all the pictures and inspiration!!!! Can you all come decorate my new home?

  • acountryfarm

    This is my old house, I love the black door. New home has black door as well.

  • eliza_824

    Love the picture, acountry!

  • bronwynsmom

    Our previous house was a gambrel colonial (some say Dutch colonial) with cream beaded weatherboard front and back, and old brick on the end (chimney) walls...a typical colonial arrangement. The trim was white. We painted the shutters and door black, and the key was the paint. We used Dulcolac Dutch door paint from Fine Paints of Europe, which is gloriously shiny, like lacquer, and loved the look.
    Here's a link to their door kit...includes everything you need, if you wanted to use it. Click on "How to Paint a Door" in the menu on the right to see an example.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Dutch Door Kit

  • bronwynsmom

    Not Dulcolac...Hollandlac!

  • ttodd

    Here's my black hole. This was in the winter during the 1st phase of our porch restoration. You can't even tell that the entire center of the door is glass.

    I like that SW Wrought Iron.

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