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how to clear propane supply line?

12 years ago


I have a dilemna. I prepaid for a tank of propane gas to be delivered, but the gas company won't hook up the line to the house. The existing supply line from the tank to the house (flexible copper tubing) was left uncapped by previous gas supplier. The new guy says there could be water in the lines (which now would be frozen underground.)

The plumbers in my area dont work on this, and the propane company says they dont work on the lines either. I have electric baseboard heat which i am currently using, but would like to hook the propane back up to my furnace.

Any ideas on how i can verify the line is clean? I blew compressed air, but it just knocked some insect debris down in the line, nothing came out other side. The copper tubing is maybe 12 feet long, goes underground by the tank for a short distance, then emerges above ground a few feet away by the house. Both ends are uncapped.

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