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Are ANY of the grocery store dog foods decent ?

15 years ago

I am a total believer in feeding my pets the best food my money can buy, but times are getting tougher economically, and sometimes I just cannot afford the more expensive brands available at the pet stores. I have read some of the dog food reviews on the web, and I'm aware that even some of the more expensive brands are not necessarily the best, due to fillers, etc., but grocery store brands seem to be at the bottom of the barrel, ratings-wise.

I have 3 big labs that can really put away some food ! I am not against cooking for them if that will help & still be economical.

I would like to have some opinions on this, since I haven't seen it addressed here. FYI, in the past I regularly fed them Ultra Nutro brand, which they ate okay with no problems. Right now they seem to absolutely love Pedigree with chicken, rice & vegetables. They don't seem to care much for the other Pedigree formulas.

One last thing: our local newspaper had an article the other day about the shelters filling up faster than usual because so many people are having money problems right now that they can't even feed their pets. This absolutely breaks my heart, and I cannot allow this to happen to me.

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