price of surgery to remove kidney stones?

10 years ago

I have spent $500 on the diagnosis of my 3 year old female cat's kidney stones - there are two dime to penny sized stones in the bladder. The vet wants to remove them surgically at a cost of $765 including anesthesia, IV fluids, and 1 day of hospitalization. Is this a good price or should I check with another vet that was recommended by a few of my neighbors? I love my cat, but it is really stretching it to pay for the surgery this month.

The vet seemed to think it would be okay for us to wait a month or so for the surgery until we can build up some more cash to pay for the surgery. She said we just need to keep her on the antibiotics. I'm worried that she could get stopped up and the bladder rupture, incurring a much larger vet bill and perhaps end up with a very poor outcome for the cat. Do any of you have experience with this?


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