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June 28, 2010

This is cross posted in the Laundry forum. I think it's a question better posed here.

Have any of you installed the Septic Protector filter on your washing machines? Our new home will have a septic tank. I am skittish about a septic system because I have not lived in a septic tank serviced home in 50 years!

The science behind the device leads me to believe that we should install it, but the seller's website photos do not show the installation into a typical standpipe. If you have installed it this way, please let me know if you have experienced any issues from diverting the washer discharge up to the Septic Protector unit.

This is the link to the info about the unit:

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  • suburbanmd

    This was also posted in Laundry Room forum, and is being discussed there.

  • dan_martyn

    My concern with this device is; What happens when the homeowner installs this device and forgets to clean it and then the washing machine pump fails due to the restriction of the flow? I see no warrenty for pump failure. I wonder if the manufacturer will send his repairman out to fix your washer? Or will he say "Thats not covered?"

    I use a .99 cent lint trap on my waste which I recommend. If you have a septic tank with two sectons, the first is the settling tank which retains matter that settles, and matter that floats (Lint floats). the down turned tube which directs waste water to the second tank, is drawing waste water from the middle of the first tank, retaining the matter.

    If your worried about septic tank failure, you should be more concerned with the products you use that go into the system. The tank is a biological environment and if you put bleaches, anti-bacterial soaps and other products which will kill the organizims, then you may have failure.

    Take Care


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