MBR: toile / buffalo check, where to put which print

14 years ago

I have l-o-n-g dreamt of a pink toile bedroom. My husband is not super-keen on that, so I "compromised" and will be doing red toile instead. (In our previous house I utilized his taste, and it was lovely and oh-so tasteful, but it didn't make me smile or breathe a sigh of relief upon entering my "oasis.")

We'll be wallpapering with the toile

and doing a large-scale (color-coordinated) buffalo check
tailored bedskirt and upholstered, tufted headboard. We have plantation shutters but I was thinking to "soften" it I'd add panels on either side, I was thinking in the buffalo check: I like the idea of the buffalo check being at the window so as to marry the bedskirt / headboard with the rest of the room. I'm planning on getting (matching) toile fabric for some accent pillows (either neckrolls or squares) on the bed. The bedding is this:

But now I don't know what to do about furniture upholstery. At present, we have no seating in our bedroom; it actually reminds me of a college dorm: no bedskirt (and the cats have picked open the bottom of the box spring); computer on a large folding table, printer on an old changing table (okay, that doesn't remind me of college!) and boxes everywhere else. Oh yeah, and lots of children / puppy toys. All of that stuff will be gone when the remodel is done (our bedroom / bathroom is the only place we're not doing at this time so we'd have a place to "live").

I found a chaise I like

but am also toying with doing two small armchairs instead. (These are really close to what I like, but not quite there -- too big and too expensive. Still searching for the "right" chairs -- any source tips?)

Can / should the seating be upholstered in toile or buffalo check? I'm concerned if I do the seating in buffalo check it'll just be too much: in my mind's eye doing the seating in toile will just be visually "softer." Am I on the right track with how I've placed the toile and buffalo check? Again, in my mind's eye it looks great!

You all helped me so much getting my sons' bedrooms' fabric choices in order (and they're still in the process of being sewn by a wonderful seamstress!) that I'm hoping you'll help me now with my room.

Thank you!

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