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My just-about-finished Super White kitchen **pics**

March 28, 2012

Our 10wk-long kitchen renovation that began on Jan 2nd finally came to an end 2 weeks ago. Moving into the kitchen has been a slow but fun process and we are enjoying every minute we spend in it. We are still missing some key items, an appliance garage (currently being made at the cabinet-maker's), microwave, furniture... but gradually, we are making this place the heart of our home.

House is a cozy colonial situated in central NY built in the 1980s that came with a magnificent piece of property. The inside, however, needed (and still needs) much update. We ripped out all the (irregular) flooring on the first floor and had them replaced. Structural changes took place in the mudroom/garage-entry area as well as the wall between kitchen and dining room (widened).

Prior to renovations, I had ZERO experience with reno of any sort, let alone in design. I stumbled upon GW and my world changed! You have all been fantastic and an invaluable source of information and support. I direct all my renovating friends here now! Your finished kitchens have all been sources of inspiration for me and I have most definitely borrowed some of your ideas (built-in paper towel holder, motion detector light switch in pantry, stone window sill...).

Lastly, this is my dream kitchen in the home we hope to raise our family in. White kitchens are fairly uncommon around these parts and so far, that is one main feature people are taken by when they first walk into our kitchen. I hope you all enjoy the photos!


Cabinets: Custom-made by Concepts in Wood (Syracuse, NY), Shaker-style doors, painted BM Chantilly Lace

Counters: Super white quartzite and titanium soapstone

Main Sink: Shaws Original Sink by Rohl - 30"

Main Faucet: Single Side Lever Country Kitchen Faucet with extended spout and sidespray by Rohl

Bar sink: inexpensive stainless sink from Ebay

Bar Faucet: EcoPure filter faucet (runs water from an RO system)

Range: 36" Bluestar with griddle

Hood: Vent-a-hood

Dishwasher: Kitchenaid

Refrigerator: old Kitchenaid that came with house (plan to replace in a year or 2)

Island pendants: Restored vintage hologen industrial pendants with original Heisey glass

Hardware: Highland Ridge by Amerock in 4" and 6"

Backsplash: Bellevue 3x6 ceramic tiles in Glacier by Best Tile


Before (view into dining room):

Before (view into garage entry):

Before (pantry with crazy-deep shelving):

Before (view into family room):


Coffee/Wine bar:

Titanium Soapstone:

View from Mudroom:


Microwave will sit on counter atop drawers:

Mudroom (closet on opposite wall):

I have to include this photo of our backsplash in the midst of being grouted, taken while my GC was at lunch. Amazing what a difference grout makes!

Lastly, a fun shot of my girls having fun with bubble wrap and packing paper one evening when I was trying to move all my junk back in:

Comments (77)

  • joaniepoanie

    Wowza! It's a beauty! Just stunning! I've been hanging out here for six months Nd have never heard of or seen a built in paper towel holder....do tell. And your girls are as cute as can be!

  • new_to_sc

    Dragonfly...your kitchen is beautiful! What a transformation. There is so much to look at. Would love to see more pictures - even bigger ones if you can swing it so we can see all the amazing detail. Great job. Enjoy.

  • ILoveRed

    Beautiful. Love your coffee bar. What is the sink there and is that filtered water for the coffee maker?

    Love your lights. Can you tell us a little more?

    Your babies are precious.


  • dragonfly08

    Your responses continue to make me feel very nice and warm inside... so thank you! How flattering to have so many GW "greats" extend such kind words!

    Dianalo... good eye! That bottle was stashed away in one of my baking bins during reno... otherwise, yeah, it probably wouldn't be sitting there in my pantry right now!

    I will answer more questions later tonight. Dinner calls... it's also my baby's 1st birthday today!

  • Debbi Branka

    Awesome awesome! I love it! It's beautiful and what an amazing transformation! I'd love to see more of your pantry.

  • lavender_lass

    Your girls are adorable!

    The kitchen is so wonderful! I love the backsplash and countertops...and everything else, too. Just when I was having second thoughts about white kitchen cabinets...your kitchen reminds me how lovely they can be!

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful kitchen...you did a truly amazing renovation. Hope you don't mind that I'm saving some of these pictures, in my file! :)

  • AnnaA

    I love your kitchen! If I had a larger home / kitchen, I would have gone white. It always evokes a sense of serenity.

    I have pantry envy!! What a wonderful space!

  • emy315

    Just BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love the countertops and the backsplash!!! It just all works. Fantastic job!

    Could you tell me about your counter stools? Where are they from and how tall are they? Thanks and many happy years in your fabulous kitchen!!!

  • shelayne

    Absolutely GORGEOUS! Your pantry is KILLING me! I WANT THAT! And that soapstone. And that Super White. And those pendants. And that tile.

    Sheeesh. I sound like Steve Martin in "the Jerk". LOL.

    I must confess that your baby girls are my most favorite of all! They are completely and utterly ADORABLE and PRECIOUS!

  • TxMarti

    Very nice! I love your soapstone too. And your little girls are adorable.

  • dragonfly08

    rhome410... my island is one of my favorite, functional parts of the kitchen. I actually had it lowered by about 1-inch; not so much that you could tell, but enough that when I spend extended time prepping, makes a difference my 5'2" frame appreciates. And yes, the bubble wrap never gets old!

    michoumonster... I purchased my mudroom light from Schoolhouse Electric. I fell in love with this shade the moment I saw it; easiest "design" decision for me! Here's another photo I just took... had to darken the room so you could see the stripes:

    I ended up ordering from them a 2nd time to get something similar for my front entryway. Their prices are reasonable and pieces are high quality.

    joanie... my renovation-buddy! Thank you for your words! Yes, the paper-towel cubby idea was one of the first things I came across on this forum. My inspiration was firsthouse_mp's kitchen. I've provided the link below. For someone who has always dreamed of having clutter-free countertops, this was a must-borrow-idea! Only regret? My 1yo is going thru her unroll-paper-goods stage and we are constantly hiding the roll deep inside the cubby out of her reach! Here's an angled pic of it:

    redlover... the bar sink was just something cheap I got off ebay (I think I paid My lights... I do love vintage and restored things. The look I wanted has become rather trendy these days with many companies offering holophane reproductions. Came across this in a local antique light shop (run by white-haired men wearing rubber aprons, nonetheless)... Cost just about the same as ones from RH and the like. They are 1930s, originally hung in a local supermarket... with original Heisey prism-cut glass. These lights were made back when American-made glass were highly sought after and no longer in production.

    deb52899... I think my pantry is wonderful, too! My GC actually built it himself. After having those crazy-deep shelves in the old pantry (and no walk-in pantry in my last 2 kitchens), I wanted simple shelves that would hold on more than 2-3 cans deep on top and deep shelves below for bulk or large items. Thanks to GW, I have installed a motion-sensor light and plan on "hiding" my microwave and toaster oven inside. There is a pocket door which remains open most of the time. Some more pics right after they were completed:

    Here is a link that might be useful: firsthouse_mp's finished kitchen with paper towel cubby

  • dragonfly08

    I also have a small pantry/broom-closet combination cabinet to the right of the refrigerator that you can sort of see in this photo. It makes up for the somewhat long distance between the fridge and the main pantry.

    emy315... the stools are actually from overstock.com. We didn't want to spend a fortune on them and almost went faux leather because of the price point until I found these. Happy with the quality and look... super easy to wipe down with the kids and comfy to boot! You can get the dimensions from the link below. I wanted something with a low back that didn't obstruct the view too much. These were perfect.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Overstock stools

  • michoumonster

    dragonfly, thanks for the additional pic of your mudroom light. i love it and want to get one for my master bath! hopefully it can go in damp locations.

  • jmcgowan

    Reminds me of the Hungry Catepillar...an incredible transformation!! (Can you tell I am reading this book over and over again to my little ones?!!) Your space looks fresh and inviting, and I love your countertop and backsplash. Also envious of that Bluestar -- hope you have fun making pancakes on the weekends for your two cutie-pies :-)

    Nice job!! Enjoy for many years to come!

  • motherof3sons

    Beautiful! This will be the perfect kitchen for raising a family.

  • camphappy

    Hi Dragonfly, Didn't see anything about your floors. I love the dark floors with the white cabinets. What is your floor and do you find it is easy or difficult to keep it clean looking? Your kitchen is beautiful! You'll enjoy raising your little ones there.

  • rhome410

    I have a few counter areas in my kitchen, including my island, that are a couple inches lower than the standard 36". No one ever notices, but I sure do! Good idea to make the island a more workable height for yourself.

    I now love your lights very much more! Cool find!

    And... now I have an idea that I might have been able to combine my bfast center and pantry, and opened it toward the kitchen... Hmmm.... --My ever-patient dh (also my carpenter/cabinet-maker/dream-builder) is going to outlaw my looking at house and kitchen pics on the internet... I keep finding things I might want to change! ;-)

  • dilly_ny

    Fabulous! The backsplash really sets it off. Enjoy!

  • clvransom

    I love all of your choices, they all tie together very nicely. Especially, the glacier backsplash, soapstone, and super white.

    The photos of your girls playing with the bubble wrap is a classic.

    Enjoy your new kitchen!

  • dragonfly08

    I apologize for the photos above being on the small side. I didn't even realize I copied the small version until now. If you want larger pics, just click on the photos and it should take you to my photosharing site.

    michoumonster... If you have any questions, I'd contact Schoolhouse Electric and just ask. I think they would look great in a bath!

    jmcgowan... Hungry Caterpillar is on regular rotation here during reading time, too! Yes, I LOVE my bluestar! After using it for 3 weeks, I appreciate the high BTUs, the wonderful simmer burner, the self-reignite feature and the oven... the spaciousness, the awesome rollout tray and how quickly and evenly it bakes! The best part... it cleans up EASY! With my last stove (a black/SS GE), it took so much elbow grease to remove anything baked on and the streaking drove me nuts! Right now, I'm perfecting Mickey Mouse pancakes over the weekend on the griddle...

    camphappy... we love our floors. DH and I have always tended towards darker floors. These are red oak that were Dark Walnut-stained (I believe 3 coats). Our last house had gorgeous but glossy dark hardwood and the glossiness drove us crazier than the dirt showing against the dark. We went with matte finish this time. For me, having 2 little ones means I'm vacuuming at least once day. And, honestly, I only mop once a week, aside from spot cleaning spills/messes. My floors look fine (and for what it's worth, I didn't vacuum or mop prior to taking pics!).

    Just thought I'd add a few more photos, mostly on the organizational side, in case anyone is interested. Little features that I'm coming to appreciate.

    My spice cabinet, located on top to left of the range. I had only specified "spice cabinet" in my designs and had no idea what was going to be made or installed. I believe they are Rev-a-shelf. I had never seen this before and I'm growing to like it more and more. It swings out and stays "closed" with magnet. Lower shelves are good for frequently used spices while I plan on keeping less-frequently used ones up higher (and they get high!). *NOTE: I've obviously NOT organized my spices yet; in fact, I have a huge bag of my spices still stored somewhere...*

    On the bottom to the left of the range, my only roll-out. I opted for a ROS over a drawer to keep my condiments and oils because I prefer to see most of the bottles and access them from the sides if needed. And I kinda did the reverse and arranged for taller bottle on top since the vast majority of my bottles turn out to be tall. I LOVE having them all easily accessible with minimal bending and crawling!

    Here is a better shot of my built-in paper towel rack. It presides over the tray cabinet. Cabinet is quite deep so I am actually able to store extra rolls behind.

    Upper corner cabinet. While initially not thrilled about the bifold corner door, I LOVE having 100% easy access to the corner shelves! We had an angled upper corner cab in our last house... and, well, I'm sure this isn't new to most of you, but we love it.

    We included a small 15"Wx12"D pantry and broom closet to the side of the refrigerator. Still sitting unorganized (except for our cereal boxes which I'm 200% sure will sit here) but will serve to hold frequently used pantry items. I'm considering configuring broom closet to a messaging center... but still haven't decided how. Any ideas?

    RO system setup under bar sink with holding tank.

    Our Amerock pulls:

    A closeup of our restored vintage holophane industrial pendant.

    Evening shot. We have LED bulbs in the pendants, 6" LED recessed cans (from Home Depot) for ceiling, and LED strips for under cabinet lighting (from Elemental LED) which we leave on almost all day long.

    Last, another daytime shot of the schoolhouse light in the mudroom.

  • taggie

    Oh oh oh!!! That is so absolutely beautiful! What a calm and serene and just completely lovely space to spend time in! .

    Love the super white counters with that backsplash. Love the faucets and the pendants. Love the cabinets and the appliances. I just love it all.

    Great job!

  • i_luv_my_dog

    Beautiful! Very lovely!

  • 1929Spanish

    I tried posting last night but the internet ate it. Your kitchen is beautiful. I love the light fixtures. My grandmother left me her Heisey crystal and I smiled when I read about the light fixtures in your post.


    Kitchen is stunning! We are in the infancy stages of attempting to renovate our kitchen and will have a very similar layout to yours. Wondering if you could give us some dimensions of your layout, specifically the length of the window wall, the length of the fridge wall, how far the island is away from the counter and how big is the island??? It's tough to tell in the pics. Congrats on a beautiful kitchen and thanks!

  • kaysd

    Your girls are adorable! How old are they?

    Your kitchen is lovely and serene. The BS tiles really complement the beautiful SW counters nicely.

  • mamameme

    Stunning. Nuff said.

  • Sourire

    Truly and absolutely gorgeous! It gives me hope for my own Central NY reno I will need to do (god forbid you find an updated kitchen in Syracuse).

    I'd love to know your contractor info if you are indeed near the Syracuse area (noticed that your cabinets at least are from there). If you don't want to post it, an email would be great.

    Again, just a stunning job. I almost can't believe it is the same house!

  • dragonfly08

    CTFAM... the range wall is 196" long (ending right at the french doors) with the window themselves about 75" wide. The fridge wall is 109" long. My island is approx 42" x 118". Aisles are both 42" wide, which I find more than enough. Hope that helps and good luck with your planning!

    kaysd... my girls are 1 and almost 3. They keep me busy for sure. The oldest is already enjoying cooking and baking with me!

    Sourire... yes, I'm right outside of Syracuse. I will email you the info.

  • slush1422

    I've been gone from the TKO zone for several months because I needed a break from decisions. I am finally really ready to get our backsplash done soon and came across your beautiful kitchen!!! We have Moon Night Quartzite honed and your backsplash would go perfect with it. I followed the link to the Bellevue tiles but no Glacier (or blue) are coming up. Am I missing something? I even googled it and can't find a thing. Thanks in advance!

    My kitchen is at the bottom of this post.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Super White/Moon Night

  • owataqt

    Now thats what I am talking about.. I LOVE YOUR KITCHEN!!!!

  • peonybush

    Absolutely beautiful. Can't pick a favorite..love it all. Ok, if I must.... the backsplash. Did you stain your floors a darker color?

  • michelle16

    Dragonfly=kitchen looks beautiful, can you tell me more about the extended spout on your faucet? Is that something that Rohl does on all their faucets as an extra?

  • dragonfly08

    Gina (aka slush)... I love your kitchen, too! It was one of the first super whites I had seen and I love your hardware. I'll provide the link to the Bellevue tiles below -- you need to scroll to the right in the small window on the sight to see the Glacier/blue tiles. If it doesn't work, the product is listed under 'Ceramic & Porcelain' on the Best Tile website. Please post photos once you've finalized and installed your BS!

    Here is a link that might be useful: Bellevue Ceramic Tiles

  • dragonfly08

    Thanks, owataqt!

    peonybush... we stained our floors (unfinished red oak) with 3 coats Dark Walnut. And thank you, the backsplash unexpectedly turned out wonderfully for us... amazing how a little color can make such an impact!

    michelle16... because of the way the front apron farmer's sink sits forward on the counter, and because of how the faucet base would sit a few inches behind the sink, I was afraid that the standard 9" spout reach would be a tad short for me. In this case, the 11" allows water to fall directly into center of drain, which is perfect because otherwise, I'd have a heck of a time trying to clean my sink. I may be wrong, but in my research, I had a hard time finding affordable faucets that came with an 11" extended spout. Rohl, though on the higher price range, offers one of the more inexpensive extended spouts. I believe they have an extended 11" option for most of their faucets and the price may be slightly higher than the standard size. I ended up purchasing my faucet from www.qualitybath.com online because they had the lowest price for my Rohl. Hope this helps!

  • slush1422

    Thanks so much dragonfly08! I kept trying to click on the "scroll right" and didn't realize you just hover over it and it moves...silly me! I really want to be finished soon! I have been dying to finally post a "finished kitchen" but hubby has been working long hours and hasn't had any time for kitchen projects. Hopefully we can get it done by summer!

  • ejbrymom

    STUNNING! What a great whole house transformation! love your choices!
    I would LOVE to see a pic of your dining room cabinet that I spied in one of the pics. Looks lovely. Can you share a pic? Pic of dining room too?

  • plumberry

    Stunning Love the finishes and color combinations! floor, backsplash, counters, appliances woooow!

  • equest17

    Gorgeous kitchen! I am on the hunt for undercabinet lighting; could you tell me which LED product from Elemental you used? I see many options on their website, several of which are strip form. Yours seem to be very low profile and do a great job of lighting, which is exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks.

  • dragonfly08

    ejbrymom... Thanks! Our dining room isn't quite finished yet from a decor standpoint. I'll have to snap a photo of the hutch for you tomorrow. It's from Crate & Barrel a few years back, so I'm not sure if they still carry it... I had literally walked into it at the store and fell in love.

    equest... I have no idea why I though we purchased it from Elemental Lighting, though DH was in charge of it so I stayed pretty out of the loop on it. Turns out he ordered it from ENVIRONMENTAL Lighting! Specifically, we have the "LED High Brightness Dimmable Undercabinet Light 12" Soft White". We also purchased some cord connectors as well as a tranformer. I LOVE my undercab lights and so happy with the quality of what we have.

  • dragonfly08

    ejbrymom... here are some photos I just took of my dining room. Still needs decor and new dining chairs. Excuse the yellow garland -- we had a birthday party recently. And that counter chair in the corner... that's our "time out" seat. Gotta love having little ones...

    It seems that Crate&Barrel still carries the buffet/hutch. I'll include the link below.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Basque java buffet with hutch

  • colorfast

    First and foremost, I'm crazy about your Superwhite; it's just beautiful. Your photos really are very artistic; are you an artist or similar for a living? And I'm disappointed to find that Best Tile does not appear to have any stores or outlets in my state, because that glacier is just the right gray with a shot of blue.

    Beautiful kitchen--glad I caught it.

    PS I remember your kitchen, too slush, also lovely!

  • slush1422

    Thanks colorfast. I am sad too they are only back east. I'm in So California so will be searching for a similar color tile out here.

  • scuzz

    An absolutely stunning and beautifully thought out kitchen.

    I love the paper towel roll in the lower cabinet and think I just might have to borrow that idea!

  • go_figure01

    I am sooo happy I found your thread! Your kitchen is beautiful!! As is your entire house. TY for posting all the details. I am drooling!!!

  • alongroadahead

    Ooooooooh, this may be the kitchen of my dreams!!! Thank you for all of the detailed pics!

  • dragonfly08

    colorfast, harleysbud, go_figure, and alongroadahead.... thanks for all the comments! I don't visit the forum much now that our kitchen reno is finished, but I do like to check in from time to time.

    I would like to add an amendment to my tile details. In the way back of my mind, I kept thinking that I had purchased Jeffrey Court tiles, but couldn't find my invoice from Best Tile to prove it. Finally came across my box of leftover tiles in the garage and sure enough, they ARE Jeffrey Court tiles. I'm not sure if Best Tile has exclusive rights to carrying this particular tile/line, but since so many of you have asked about my backsplash, perhaps this bit of info may help. Specifically, the tile is Jeffrey Court 3x6 field tiles, part # 519505 in Glacier. I'm thinking that if a store carries Jeffrey Court, they may be able to order this piece.

  • Lisa

    dragonfly08, how are your counters holding up? I have my counter narrowed down to superwhite and a quartzite and can't decide! Any etching??

  • susanlynn2012

    I love your kitchen so much but especially your kitchen cabinets, your Super white quartzite and titanium soapstone counters, your backsplash, and your corner cabinets!

  • blackchamois

    Dragonfly - Your kitchen is one of my faves! Love love love it! Question about your hardware (I am using Amerock HR in PN too!) - I think you said you only used two sizes - the 4" and 6" - is that ctc or end to end?

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