New water heater, 40 or 50 gal?

October 19, 2008

I need to replace my water heater. The current one is 13 years old and has a lot of sediment build up. The problem is that some of the sediment is getting out with the hot water and keeps clogging the filter on the inlet valve of my washer. I'm getting tired of cleaning this every time I do a hot water wash. I just want a regular tank water heater, gas. We have a 40 gal now, I'm wondering if their would be any benefit to a larger tank? Also, I did notice that a number of them have 12 year warranties now, and claim to prevent sediment build up. Do I just get one that has a good warranty, or are some brands better than others? Would I be better off having a plumber install whatever brand they use, or just buying one at a local store and having them do the install, or doing it myself with the help of a handy neighbor. I do have some plumbing experience, toilet repairs, fixture replacements and that sort of thing, but I do find the idea of installing a water heater a bit scarey. But maybe that's just because they are bigger than me. Thanks for your input.


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