Restoring cedar deck

January 4, 2008

I'm about to make an offer on a vacation home with a large hillside cedar deck. The deck has been painted or stained with a solid stain. The finish is pretty opaque. There is some warping of boards and some endchecking. There have been a lot of extra nails pounded in the ends for "repairs" over the years. There probably will not be money in the sale transaction for deck repairs, so this will be a DIY job for me.

I was thinking of removing each board one at a time and running it through a surfacer/planer to remove the finish and renew the board. I would reinstall each board using good screws, and I would replace any boards that needed replacing with new ones. Then I could finish the whole deck with a good clear sealer.

Any comments on this plan. Am I really going to save any money? Is it much more labor intensive than necessary? Will the results be good (assuming I do a good job)? Any other suggestions?


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