Wrought Iron Fence

January 4, 2007

We are having installed a 6 ft high wrought iron fence to enclose our existing porch and a portion of our covered patio. There is concrete existing. The fence company made the panels (2 horizontal bars at top and 2 at bottom), bars 2" apart and has been installing them with anchor bolts. When I push on the panels they fairly easily sway. This fencing is meant to contain our dogs so might have a large dog (50 pounds) jumping against it. I am concerned that it won't stay up. The fence company says this swaying is normal and they don't know of any way not to have it. I can't make the fence any taller (I have approval for the specific fence and can't change height).

In the past I had a pool fence that was set in concrete and didn't move. This one moves. I assume this is because it is attached with the anchor bolts. I do know that when they put in some of the bolts they hit rebar in the existing concrete.

Anyway, does anyone have any idea of how to fix this?

(This is a reputable fence company that builds the vast majority of the fences in this area. I'm sure they would do whatever we could suggest to correct this).

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