Recent experiences with M. Teixeira Soapstone?

9 years ago

Hi all...I used to be a regular poster here, during my house remodel a few years ago. I poke back in from time to time. :) Today I'm here to see if anyone has had any recent dealings with M. Teixeira.

We bought our Julia soapstone from them 3 years ago. We paid $71.10 ($79 but it was on sale for 10% off) per square foot, which included fabrication and install. Then another $500 for delivery. I am thrilled with my soapstone - its one of my favorite things out of the whole house remodel. And the whole experience with them was positive. So when one of my good friends asked me about it for her kitchen, I did not hesitate to suggest Teixeira.

My friend just got her quote from them. They are now charging $108/sq ft for all varieties of soapstone - which is WAY above what I paid. That price includes fabrication, delivery, and install. She lives in the same town as I do.

I understand prices go up - but that much of an increase in only 3 years? If my pre-sale price of $79, plus $500 for delivery were applied to her square footage, she is paying over $500 more for her sized kitchen. And reading through threads on here regarding soapstone, it seems the $79 is more in the "normal" range. So she is now shopping around locally to see what she can find, because that price seems egregiously high.

SO sorry that was so long - my question is, does that price sound correct for today's market?

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