Is it the mattress or the bed?

9 years ago

When I sleep at home, I wake up with lower back pain and I am very stiff. When I sleep in a hotel or family member's home, I have no problems. Seems obvious that it's the mattress, so a couple of years ago, we bought an expensive new mattress and box spring, and all was good for a while. But only a year or so after purchase, the new mattress developed permanent derriere indentations, despite regularly turning the mattress.

Once again, I feel like I'm sleeping in a hole, and lower back pain is back. We removed the box springs, and for a little while, the bed seemed a bit firmer. But it's terrible again, and I'm wondering if it really is the mattress, or if it possibly could be our bed frame.

We have a sleigh-style queen-size bed with wood side rails. Wood slats rest on a ledge on the side rails. My husband thought that more support was needed, so he added more slats. Then he added a large piece of plywood on top, supported by 9 furniture legs. (I bet you can guess that he is an engineer, right?)

I plan to buy a new mattress, and preferably not to use box springs. But if the bed is the culprit, after a short time, it would be just a waste of money. Any thoughts?

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