3 plumbers strike out - please help

December 9, 2007

Three plumbers from two different companies have investigated the possible cause of a foul odor in our master bathroom. Various minor "fixes" have been attempted (drain cleaning, caulking, etc.) but the odor returns. The bathroom wasn't used for two days after the recent drain cleaning, and I was hopeful that had done the trick. However, along with the grey skies and high humidity (and a few brief showers) the funk is back. Roto-Rooter's "Drain Shield" is supposed to be the magic cure-all, but the local folks are out of stock until next week.

I've been told that the vent stacks are fine and there are no cracks in the drain pipes (determined by visual inspection w/ flashlights, oil of peppermint test, and a camera routed through the vents & tub overflow drain.) The house is on slab, so it would be a big job and huge expense to start digging up drain lines. The smell is worse under the garden tub (no jets, but there's a removable panel in front) but there's no sign of dampness.

Any clues? I really want to get rid of the smell as it can be nauseating at times. Thank you.

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