Septic tank install left nasty smell, issue

10 years ago

I recently had a new septic tank installed and my leach field extended. (The existing tank and beginning leach field were compromised.) The new tank was put VERY near the midpoint of the old field. The first tank was collapsed, and dirt from the new tank / old field hole was used to fill in.

Today I was outside cleaning 'nature' from the area so I could begin inspecting the contractor's work (for punch list items). I couldn't help but notice a peculiar smell that was much like sewage. That's when it dawned on me that leech field dirt was likely all over the surface of the yard now.

So, a few questions:

1 - Is this legal? Shouldn't this soil be treated as contaminated?

2 - Should I expect remediation by the contractor? Sub-contractors, under the contractor's employ, did the work, but I can't be certain the contractor knows what they did. If the contractor balks, I'm guessing I need to bring the county environmental services inspector back on the scene.

3 - If this is permissible, will the smell dissipate? How long will it take in Winter? (We're in North Carolina.)

4 - Is my only option to bring in additional soil, pine straw, etc. to cover it?

5 - In this process, the contractor also turned a barren but fertile soil yard into a yard covered in red clay. I'll be lucky to grow anything without considerable work. And if my kids play on it, I'll be cleaning red clay for weeks. Is this to be expected?

6 - Finally, some areas of the clay don't seem completely stable. It's almost as if there are hidden air pockets beneath the surface. Again, is this to be expected too?

Any expert advice would be appreciated.

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