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Intersecting Gable Roof to Ranch House

10 years ago

Hello all. I want to add a gable roof over my new porch I just put in. I just completed the framing for the porch today and will be putting composite board over it. I would like to build a similar roof over the porch. I am a DIY person, very fast to pick things up, I just want to make sure I am doing it right. I will not begin to build anything until I have solid plans. The porch was concrete and as high as the one in the picture. This was removed and replace and extended. The new porch is 7 ft wide x 6 ft.

What I plan on doing is putting in sono tubes for the two post. Anchor 6x6 post to these and then put a footer around the sonotube for the stone base. Then the area that will be covered by the roof on the house I plan to stucco, currently is old red brick..,.
Some help I need to, calculating the Slope, Calculating the Jack Rafters Height, is this a measure and go and cut ends at 45 degrees?

Big questions I have is. The boards that the common rafters sit on and is attached to the house where the gutters currently are, what are the called? how do I attach them to the house properly?