Need lots of outdoor furniture. But what? and where?

April 5, 2014

My family and I (DH, 3 kids- 3, 5, and 8 yrs, and me) moved into our new house in January. Now that the weather is warm enough here (south Louisiana), we are using our pool/ back porch/ outdoor kitchen area almost daily. I have a lot of space and no furniture! I am ready to buy some... but I really can't imagine what I should get and where it should go. I'm hoping that those of you with a better vision for these things can help me out a bit. I took photos just now; hopefully those will help. I was doing pool maintenance right before I took these, so please forgive the buckets, brush, nets, etc. Also, there are some pipes sticking up from the ground that were marking drains during landscaping that need to be removed. Just ignore those, too. :)
I know I want a place(s?) for a table/dining. I also want some outdoor living room/lounge furniture I think. I don't really know where these activities should logically occur. When we've grilled, we've brought the food in the house but would like to dine outside. My husband wants to be able to watch ball games (hence the tv he had installed) while he grills. So I don't know if the table should go in the outdoor kitchen structure or if outdoor couches and chairs should go there. And what should go on the porch? We seldom use it now (obviously- there's no seating!). The one consideration relative to the porch is that my husband doesn't want anything large that detracts from the view to the back yard from inside the house. So nothing too tall or bulky I guess?
Anyway. I plan to get some poolside lounge chairs to go on the decking around the pool. But I need help with what you think should logically go on the porch and in the outdoor kitchen.

Immediately behind the house, we have the porch with a fireplace. There are doors to the kitchen/breakfast room and master bedroom from here. The porch is roughly 33 feet long, 14 feet wide in front of the fireplace and 10 feet wide where it narrows behind the kitchen/breakfast room.

from the porch looking over pool (oh, I forgot to mention the hideous slide! Ignore that, too. It's for the kids. :) )

The outdoor kitchen space is 14x20 (including cabinets, so less than that). The door on the solid wall near the tv leads to a bathroom so I can't block that.

Here are some additional pictures to give an idea of the area. I am open to any suggestions.

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