Help with color scheme for backyard grad party

Valerie Noronha
7 years ago

DD1 will be graduating this May and we'll be throwing her a backyard party for about 50-60 guests starting at 5PM. I gave a similar party for my DS two years ago and will be tweaking that setup and changing the colors to go with her school (DS attended a different high school). DD1's school colors are black & gold. I'd like some feedback on how to work in the colors.

Last time, we rented about 6 round tables with folding chairs plus I have one round patio table/chair set. This time my DH has asked that we rent fewer tables and chairs and mix in some cocktail tables instead. Reason being that people tend to mingle more when they are not all seated, but some people prefer to be seated, esp. when eating a meal. Plan is to rent 3 tables with seating, 30 folding chairs, use the patio table/chairs for a 4th table, rent 3 cocktail tables and I also have 2 6' tables that I'd use for the buffet. Last time not all the tables were used as guests just pulled the chairs around a few of the tables to socialize. I also have a 2-1/2' smooth brick retaining wall all along the back that people can also perch on if they like.

I bought all the linens I needed online last time as it costs about the same to rent vs. buy. I plan to do that again as well as use some of what I bought before (just the round white tablecloths). Here is what I'm thinking and need some feedback:

seated tables: white tablecloths with black napkins in center; either white or black folding chairs

cocktail tables: floor length black tablecloths

buffet tables: leaning towards white, but my dishes are also white corelle. At same time, worried to overdo the black and don't like gold colored linens. Maybe just touches of black with black napkins covering the bread, etc.?

I also would like to work in more gold, perhaps with gold colored ribbons and/or gold foil wrapped candy kisses scattered on the tables. Maybe gold flowers for centerpeices (like daisys) or gold candles?

I also spied these cool looking lanterns at IKEA yesterday for $4/ea.

I could use these for centerpieces. I like the concept of getting the centerpieces done in advance vs. flowers, at same time wouldn't be able to light for few hours and I'm not sure they'd work with the cocktail tables. Anyone have any easy and inexpensive ideas for centerpieces? Last time I did flowers in canning jars (and still have the jars), but I don't want to do it all the same either.
We'll also string up some lights around the backyard and have landscape lighting plus couple of patio heaters, but most likely the party will move indoors later in the evening for music and dancing.

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