Decks - some basic questions

9 years ago

I have scanned many of the posts on decks and found many of the them were five years old and I could not discover a place for basic information. If I am asking questions that have been answered previously and the information is still relevant I would appreciate it if you could direct me to those posts.I don't want to waste anyone's time answering questions that have been previously addressed and as my questions seem elementary to me, I would assume they have been asked and answered before, but I was unable to locate the answers. Below are my questions:

1. How do you determine whether to repair or replace a 25 year old deck?

2. What essential questions should be asked of a deck contractor?

3. What are the best materials for a deck built in northern NJ?

4. Please describe the different deck materials and tell the pros, cons, and costs of each. A chart would be helpful if anyone is so inclined.

5. Are there any low maintenance or no maintenance deck materials?

6. I have seen white decks, clearly not wood. What is this material and is it a good material to use?

7. What is IPE decking and is it recommended?

8. Does anyone have recommendations for deck contractors in northern nj?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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