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Dog hair in pool??????????????????????

May 6, 2007

We have two dogs, a very large golden retriever and a cock-a-poo. I am already fretting about not being able to keep our golden out of the pool, but I DREAD the dog hair issue. I have to vacuum daily to keep up with his shedding.

Someone suggested putting a nylon stocking over the top of the skimmers, but I can't imagine that keeping the pool free of dog hair. Shaving him is not an option, as it ruins their coat, but more importantly takes away their natural cooling mechanism.

Does anyone have any experience with this? The thought of dog hair floating on top of the water is just plain nasty to me. I love my dogs to death, but I am having a hard time with this one.


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  • ross939

    We have a cackapoo in our backyard. She's not even much of a water dog and doesn't go in the pool much. But I sure do notice her hair everywhere. Her house is close to the pool and she uses the pool as her water bowl. I find her hair in the skimmer basket and on the walls of the cartrige filters when I clean them out a couple of times a year. I could swear the dog is swimmming laps when I'm not looking. So, just keeping the dogs out of the pool will not keep the hair out. Believe me, if the dogs hang out in a close proximity to the pool, thier hair will find the water. Not a real big issue for me. I find myself checking the filter cartriges a bit more than I used to. Now if you really want to pi$$ some folks off, post this note over on the Pets forum. Now those folks have no sense of humor... you'd get flammed about how you shouldn't own a dog if you can't put up with their hair... a radical bunch, over there... :)

  • snookums

    We too have a cockapoo, and a pool. Oh, if you really want to get flamed, just post that you have a cockapoo and that'll do it. :)

    There really is no solution to floating dog hair other than using a skimmer on a pole every now and then. We find no hair in the morning when the pool is running, but by late afternoon you can see it floating, especially when it's hot and she's really shedding.

    And, BTW, we do shave her at every cut. She's looks more cocker than poo (in fact we tell most people she's a cocker spaniel), and she gets a very thick, long coat otherwise.

  • Lisa_Jones

    We have a lab who LOVES the pool, but after our first season with her we had to replace the DE grids .... so, no more swimming for her! There was hair EVERYWHERE ... floating on the water, in the skimmers, caked on the grids. She loved it, but I hated going in the water.

  • sandradee

    One of my 2 dogs LOVES the pool - she thinks we built it especially for her. She's a Lab mix and hops into the deep water swimout/cozy corner even when the water is pretty chilly. She also hops in via the steps and gets about half-way in and swishes her face from side to side to cool off. When it gets warmer, she'll actually swim.

    Skimmer socks (AKA debris shields) work very, very well for us. We change them once a day. Snookums' advice to use a skimmer on a pole also helps to keep the hair off the surface of the water. It's very windy here, so I'm often using the skimmer on a pole a couple of times a day anyway to get other debris off the surface.

    I'm not sure if I could keep her out of the water anymore, even if I wanted to. She just loves it too too much.

  • rctexus

    I have had nightmares about this same subject. I just put in a pool (they started it up today) and we have a German Shepherd. Saturday my husband was trying to coax her in. I'm like "what are you doing!!??" I have dreams of that dog lounging on my Baja ledge all summer, getting dirt and hair all in my pool! Aaaahhh!

    Luckily she wouldn't go in and I'm going to teach the kids to splash her a lot to scare her away. But you guys are right, her hair will be in there regardless. When she sheds, you could make a whole other dog out of it. I can't even brush her in the backyard b/c the wind would blow the hair into the pool.

  • golfgeek

    For new pools you can purchase a venturi skimmer that comes with a mesh basket and hair will not enter the filter(at least not as easy).

  • proctorfarm

    Has anyone tried a "Furminator" on their dog? You can find them at Petsmart. It's a shedding tool that looks like a clipper blade on a handle. It works great on heavy-coated dogs. My husband is a K9 officer-we have a Belgian Malinois (coat like a German Shepard's). This thing pulls buckets of loose hair off her when she sheds (and the cats tolerate it). It works much better on our dog than the other dog brushes we were using. Less loose hair on the dog could mean less hair in the pool.

  • sandradee

    Furminator, hmmmm, I may have to try that. My non-swimming dog is a Belgian Tervuren (long-haired version of your Malinois) and sheds a good amount of hair from time to time, but it really is my swimming Lab mix that sheds more hair, more frequently. What is it about those shorter-haired dogs???

  • houseful

    Rctexus, with the exceptions that our pool was filled a month ago and our dog is a Rottweiler mix, I could have written your post. He is blowing his coat right now and I am so glad he's not the least bit interested in swimming.

    Sandradee, I noticed that short-haired dogs seem to just shed all the time. Our dobie was like that. This dog has one big shed and then I rarely see much after that.

  • arielitas_mom

    My next dog's gonna be a Portuguese Water Dog. Non-shedding and born to swim. We now have a Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier -- also non-shedding, but not a big fan of water.

  • proctorfarm

    Sandradee-we had a Tervuren (K9) about 8 years ago (and 5 Malinois). He was a great dog-like a lovable, smart, fuzzy "chainsaw".

    The Furminator probably won't work too great on that Tervuren coat, but probably do a good job on the Lab.
    The thing cost around $35.00 and up, but there is a money back guarantee, and you can always return it to Petsmart, just keep the receipt.

  • snookums

    We have a Furminator - works well. It does help control the shedding for a while. It's a chore to use, though, and you must have a very patient dog.

    BTW I got mine on Ebay for cheaper than Petsmart was selling it for. We also got the small version (a lot cheaper) - works just fine on a larger dog.

  • flowergirl232

    Hi, we are in North Western NJ and are still in the building process of our 18X38 Oasis pool. I had been worried about the dog hair issue since we decided to get a pool. We have a black lab/golden retriever mix who will be a year old at the end of June. We have no idea if he will be a swimmer although we are thinking probably. So, after reading this, I ran to PetSmart and bought the large Furminator. Holy Cow! I cannot beleive the amount of fur that came off of him. It is incredible. And he loved it! I only hope that it does help our tumbleweeds of fur problem. Thanks for the tip. I am already spreading the word.

  • jblairgolf

    I too have the Furminator and it does work well....that is, if you use it. lol. I am thinking about having the Invisible Fencing put under the decking. They will still be able to go into the other parts of the yard, and also into the pavillion. We might let them swim once in awhile.

    The golden I KNOW would never get out of the pool. We had a fountain with a basin at our home in Kansas City, and we had to put the Invisible Fence around it too, as he was in it all of the time, and broke the fountain. Not an inexpensive thing to replace. I also don't like the thought of a wet stinky dog all of the time. Ugh!

  • cannonball_joe

    What is the Furminator? A brush? Weed Wacker? What?

  • jblairgolf

    Cannonball joe-That is a hoot! I never thought of taking the weed whacker to my golden, but now that you mention it, not a bad idea. ha.

    The 'Furminator' is a small tool with a rubber handle. It has a strong steel head with teeth very close together that literally pulls buckets of hair out of your dog. It is amazing....if one takes the time to use it. Go figure. I am sure if you do a google search you will find it with no problem.

    I just got mine out and think I will give it a whack..I mean try. Is it 'wack' or 'whack?'

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