My brother's quilt

12 years ago

Hi Everyone,

I've been without a computer for a long, long time except the occasional checking of my e-mails my daughter printed off for me from her computer.

But I've been busy working on a few UFOs. I'm posting a picture of one of them.

A little history first.

In July, my Father died of a heart attack. When I went through his things for my Mother, I kept back all his old blue jeans and dress shirts.

I made my brother a quilt from his jeans and am getting ready to make my sister one from Dad's shirts.

Here's the picture of my brother's quilt.

This is the back, You can't see the quilting clearly, but it was quilt-as-you-go:

This the block I embroideried on;

Oh, the furbaby is my Mom's baby--Rusty.

My brother actually teared up when I gave it to him.

He had no idea I was making it for him.

I'll post pictures of my sister's when I get it done.

It sure is good to be back, I've missed you guys


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