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My brother's quilt

14 years ago

Hi Everyone,

I've been without a computer for a long, long time except the occasional checking of my e-mails my daughter printed off for me from her computer.

But I've been busy working on a few UFOs. I'm posting a picture of one of them.

A little history first.

In July, my Father died of a heart attack. When I went through his things for my Mother, I kept back all his old blue jeans and dress shirts.

I made my brother a quilt from his jeans and am getting ready to make my sister one from Dad's shirts.

Here's the picture of my brother's quilt.

This is the back, You can't see the quilting clearly, but it was quilt-as-you-go:

This the block I embroideried on;

Oh, the furbaby is my Mom's baby--Rusty.

My brother actually teared up when I gave it to him.

He had no idea I was making it for him.

I'll post pictures of my sister's when I get it done.

It sure is good to be back, I've missed you guys


Comments (21)

  • grammyp
    14 years ago

    Welcome back. What a wonderful thing for you to do. Be sure to make one for yourself too.


  • redpenny
    14 years ago

    Looks great Doris missed ya glad you are back!

  • User
    14 years ago

    Oh, Doris, what a beautiful act of love. I got choked up reading your post. I can understand your brother's reaction. One of the best patterns using jeans I've seen to date.

    Glad to have you back.


  • day2day
    14 years ago

    No wonder your brother was so overcome. You did a wonderful thing.The quilt looks great.Thanks for sharing the quilt and the story behind it.Looking forward to seeing the one for your sister.
    Rusty looks really comfortable.

  • bluebars
    14 years ago

    What a wonderful and meaningful gift. Something he will cherish always. Your inking is lovely too. What a nice way to remember a loved one.

  • geezerfolks_SharonG_FL
    14 years ago

    Doris, Excellent job on the will be treasured!


  • michelle_co
    14 years ago

    That is not only a beautiful quilt, but very special. Thanks for posting photos of it. Sorry about the loss of your dad.


  • toolgranny
    14 years ago

    Sorry about your Dad. I lost mine as well and all the clothes were gone before I had a chance to get anything. I did have one plaid shirt from before he died and I'm saving it for something.

    I love your quilt. What a wonderful tribute. And, labeling it makes it a treasure for future generations as well. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  • nana24
    14 years ago

    It was good to see your name again.
    So sorry for your loss. What a great way to remember your Dad. Your thought for your brother and sister show you are a very loving person. I'm sure they will cherish the quilt not only as being something of their dad but for your love for them also.
    TFS and look forward to seeing your next one.


  • coalaska
    14 years ago


    your name brought a smile. Wonderful, wonderful quilt.
    Sorry for your loss.


  • rosajoe_gw
    14 years ago

    Doris I know it must have been bitter sweet to make the quilt for your DB, it is beautiful.
    Bless you and yours,

  • kathi_mdgd
    14 years ago

    Please accept my condolences on the loss of your dad.

    What a wonderful quilt,i'm sure your db will treasure it forever.TFS

  • lots2do
    14 years ago

    I am sorry to hear of your loss too. What a beautiful quilt and a lovely gesture for your brother.
    Take care,
    Kelly (lots2do)

  • marty_mo
    14 years ago

    Welcome back Doris! What a lovely memory for your brother.


  • merrymaryp
    14 years ago

    That's a great looking jeans quilt and a real treasure for your brother. I'm sorry for the loss of your father.

  • mary_c_gw
    14 years ago


    I'm very happy to see you back.

    The quilt is lovely, and what a wonderful tribute to your father, and a wonderful gift for your brother. Very well done on so many levels!


  • nanajayne
    14 years ago

    What a thoughtful and loving gift to give a sibling. Your father would be so proud to be remembered in such a caring way. His warmth will keep you all warm, you by caring and your brother and sister via sharing. I have never seen a more beautiful denim quilt. Thank you for sharing with us your story and pictures. I am looking forward to what you creat for your sister. As someone said, I hope you make one for yourself. Jayne

  • ddavisgray
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    Thank you everyone for the beautiful words.

    It means so much to me.

    When I started this project, I wasn't sure how to put it all together.
    I saw a picture of a log cabin done in denim and thought it'd be great for this project.

    I looked through the stacks of books for something on log cabin quilt-as-you-go for some kind of guidence.

    I read the posting by biwako of abi back in August of 2006- by the way thanks for that great information.

    I knew I wanted to put the blocks together without a seperate backing and the book I found said to sew the blocks together, trim, and then put a strip to cover where they were joined.
    I did and didn't like it at all.
    The seams were so bulky and it left a ridge under the strip of fabric. I took out all that hand sewing and started all over.

    I was so glad I didn't trim to much. That's probably why the seams were so bulky and ridged.
    I tried it without the strips and got about halfway through and had to unsew that. It looked terrible. By now I was beginning to worry if the quilt would survive my mistakes.

    I ended up sewing the blocks together,then smoothing the batting over each other then turning down one side of the backing over the batting, leaving one side of the backing loose.

    I then pinned and flipped the joined blocks over and pinned again, removing the pins from the back and stitched all layers in the ditch. I then turned the remaning backing piece under 1/4 inch and pressed and hand stitched.
    I made a complete strip lengthwise of the quilt and repeated with the other remaing blocks. I then joined the strips in the same manner.

    I can tell you this,

    I will definately make another quilt-as-you-go, I loved it,

    and I will definately make another denim quilt, I loved making it,


    Thank you again for the kind words.

  • lizzy3_27
    14 years ago

    Beautiful quilt and what a wonderful remembrance of your dad. Glad you back.


  • biwako_of_abi
    14 years ago

    I'm sorry about your dad, but that is a lovely quilt. No wonder your brother was so touched to get it!

  • laurainsdca
    14 years ago

    Wow that turned out fantastic. I can see why your brother teared up -- I did too just hearing the story. Welcome back, and very sorry to hear of your loss.