Yakima Decking??

October 6, 2005

Hello, has anyone used Yakima composite decking? I would be very interested in your thoughts, pictures etc.



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  • deckman22

    Never heard of it. It could be a good product, but I'd recommend using one of the other composites with a proven track record.


  • stxmona

    Thanks Al.....that is kind of what I thought. Build Direct has this for 1.21/lf but I had never heard of it before. I have samples from other companies.....but a friend told me about Yakima so I thought I would investigate it.
    Thanks for your response!!!

  • jojo333

    I am curious to know if you went with the Yakima and what you thought of it? Thanks

  • campbellmacdonald

    Hi. I work with BuildDirect and thought I'd chime in on this post. Yakima decking is a high quality compsoite decking available from BuildDirect. It comes with a 10 year warranty and has been use on thousands of decks in the US and Canada.

    If youwould like more information, check out our site.


    Here is a link that might be useful: Composite Decking at BuildDirect

  • mike13

    I've never used it but have heard it does not have a matching rail system & that it is not as stiff as other composites thus a 12" OC joist system makes for less bounce.

  • rexicalirose

    Builddirect/Yakima decking.......Not!
    I have a home in NC and purchased this product in 2007. I was enroute to FL and left it in the hands of my very competent, licensed, contractor to install. Upon arriving back in NC I was astonished to find a deck of 3 different colors...I had ordered cedar. Builddirect said colors were result of part of order being B-grade, which is same color but diff. shades. Builddirect said they would send me 13 lengths of Yakima products. My contractor will charge $500 to reinstall the decking when he could get to it. Builddirect repeated they would only send me 13 lengths of the product. Beside the color problem, the decking is curling.. the ends are popping up. Also when it rains, water is pooling on various boards. Am I disappointed with Yakima decking? Greatly! Would I deal with Builddirect again? Never! What a mess. Please e-mail me if you are interested in photos of the deck. I will continue to look for other sites to warn other prospective customers.

  • carol74

    Yikes I just read the post from Rexicalirose about this product. We were about to order a large shipment of the yakima decking through Build Direct.. I would appreciate any other comments and would love to see a picture of your deck reicalirose Thanks.

  • Henry Stratton

    I have the same problem as rexicalirose, The ends are all popping up and the vinyl is all coming apart, I put this in about 8 years ago and have slowly taking it out and replacing it with Redwood.

    I like the design but, it just DOSE NOT HOLD UP, ALL STARTED COMING APART AFTER 6 YEARS.

  • HU-663160744

    We installed the Yakima decking over 8 years ago and ours is holding up fine. It has faded significantly with sun exposure but is still attractive. We do have one section at the bottom of our stairs where the color looks completely bleached out. I don't know if it's from the snow melt in the winter months or what? At the time we purchased it there was nothing available to cover the "end grain" so careful planning with your design is key. ( breadboard edge, etc) I think overall it was a good investment as it truly requires little to no maintenance. I requested samples from the company and they obliged. We also compared this product to other materials available at that period in time and went with the Yakima. No regrets. It DOES get very hot in the summer months so bare feet are questionable unless you've got really tough tootsies.

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