New Hayward H100ID1 heater won't stay running

June 14, 2008

I have newly installed new Hayward H100ID1 natural gas above ground pool heater. This heater replace one of the same model that was 5 years old - it was replaced due to a leaking/corroded heat exchanger.

The new heater will turn on the blower/fan for 10-12 seconds, then open the gas valve and starts sparking the igniter. There burners will lite within a couple seconds. 10 to 12 seconds after the gas valve open, it closes. According the manual, this is an indication that the control module did not sense a flame. The heater uses the igniter as a flame sensor.

Manual and schematics (page 3) for the heater are here:

I've received a new control module, igniter wire and ignitor from Hayward - none those items changed the problem.

I've jumpered all switches - no effect. Water pressure is good - the heater wouldn't

attempt to start if it didn't have water pressure.

I've check inlet and outlet gas pressure. Inlet is 8" WC (spec says between 3 and 10.5)and the outlet is 2" WC as it should be.

I've disassembled the entire heater and looked for blockages - none. Everything looks

brand new.

Heater is properly grounded. I've even tried powering the heater from a different circuit than the pump.

The sticker on the heater say natural - thats what I have.

I've let it cycle many many many times - it still never leaves the gas valve open for longer than 10-12 seconds.

Any ideas?

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