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Outdoor blinds for screen porch

12 years ago

I am hoping that someone can help me with finding some decent outdoor blinds for our screen porch. I'm in VA and we get the south sun from 1:00 p.m. until the sun goes down. It gets pretty hot during the summer months.

At any rate, I can't find a darn place in VA that carries bamboo type shades except for Lowe's which appear to be not very good quality. On top of that they are only sold in three sizes and I would have to have them specially cut them which the clerk told me would at least triple the price.

Depending on how they would have to be installed, it appears that the best route for us to go would be to have each eight individual sections of the porch have its own blind.

Does anyone have any place that they could recommend for blinds that are not outrageous in price or another solution that I could use.

This is a country style deck so I'm not wanting drapes or anything along those lines.

Thank you for your help.

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