30' or 36' Shaw's sink?

10 years ago

Do you have one -- or the other -- and how do you like it? Why did you get the size you got?

In our smallish kitchen we could fit the 36" with just two inches on either side (have seen many installs this way, with the sink equal in width to the doors below, and just the 2 inch width of the stile separating the sink from the adjacent cab) or could have the 30" with a scribed faceplate and a wider margin between sink and dishwasher, which I think I would prefer. But, I would like the space of the 36.

The kitchen is not large, and the other appliances are not large (e.g.30" range). Will the 36 look too large? Current sink is an undermount 33"double bowl porcelain cast iron. Am really looking forward to a single bowl sink. Have been doing mockups with a large folded towel but am still in a quandary.

Would love to hear pros and cons of each size. . . .

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