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30' or 36' Shaw's sink?

March 23, 2010

Do you have one -- or the other -- and how do you like it? Why did you get the size you got?

In our smallish kitchen we could fit the 36" with just two inches on either side (have seen many installs this way, with the sink equal in width to the doors below, and just the 2 inch width of the stile separating the sink from the adjacent cab) or could have the 30" with a scribed faceplate and a wider margin between sink and dishwasher, which I think I would prefer. But, I would like the space of the 36.

The kitchen is not large, and the other appliances are not large (e.g.30" range). Will the 36 look too large? Current sink is an undermount 33"double bowl porcelain cast iron. Am really looking forward to a single bowl sink. Have been doing mockups with a large folded towel but am still in a quandary.

Would love to hear pros and cons of each size. . . .

Comments (7)

  • momj47

    I have a 36" Shaw's sink and I love it.

    Mine is mounted in a 39" cabinet.

  • home4shore

    If it helps...

    We are building new construction right now. Our kitchen will be 15x15 and have opted to go with the 30 inch.

    We had the room but felt 30 was already larger than what we had in the past.

    Also be sure to call around we saved around $200 just by finding the best deal.

  • idrive65

    I used to have a 22" sink before going to a 30, and I think a 30 inch sink is plenty big enough for everything I need to wash. More than that would be overkill for me, and if you have a small kitchen it's probably unnecessary.

  • bostonpam

    I had room for the 36" and it would have made my wall symmetrical. We went with a 30" in a 33" cabinet so that I would have more counter space. And like home4shore we felt it was already larger than what we had in the past plus we have another sink on the island. My wall is not symmetrical but this time function won out for me. I'm not in my kitchen yet.

  • pinch_me

    I also could have gone with a 36 but chose 30 because the price difference between the two was huge. I'm happy with the 30 in a 33 cabinet. My cookie sheets fit with room to spare. The only thing I can't get completely inside the sink is the full refrigerator shelf. It has to fit corner to corner and I can't lay it down flat. But compared to the old double bowl, it's a dream!
    Are you thinking you would put a 36 inch sink in a 36 inch cabinet? If so, you won't have any space at all on either side of the sink. The sink is at least 36 inches and I wouldn't be surprised if it was a fraction over 36. If you go 36, leave yourself some wiggle room. And I wish I would have known to measure my wall to wall at three places. Floor, middle and ceiling. One of my walls bowed out a half inch. In a 120 year old house that wasn't a surprise but I should have thought of it. My carpenter had to cut the drywall out of one wall to get my cabinet run in. All he needed was a quarter inch but taking the half inch drywall out solved the problem. I was lucky there was in inside wall to take it off of.

  • sayde

    Thank you all, for responding! and thank you momj47 for the photos -- it really helps to see it. Your cabinet maker did a wonderful job scribing around your sink - it is just perfect! I'm sending your photo to my husband's computer so he can see exactly what I want! Thanks again!

  • amberley

    I have a 30", but I would have done a 36" if I had the room for it. My base was custom made onsite, and is scribed to fit in a base that is 33"- 1.5" on either side. I prefer it with a cabinet that is just big enough to fit the scribe. My mom has the same sink in a 42" cabinet, and I think it looks goofy, and not in proportion.

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