Do any of you regret having a pool?

13 years ago

My husband really wants a pool, I'm keen on the idea, our children are 13, 10 and 9....we have a farm and a couple of horses so the idea of sweating like pigs working with the horses then jumping into a fresh pool just seems like a dream! So, today when my Dad came to help me finish a project I told him about considering a pool and he told me to really think about it, that he's never known anyone 5 years down the road that didn't regret it....he says they complain about upkeep costs and the fact they really don't use it anymore...I think now would be a great time and I plan on working with the horses for a good long the sweat factor will always be swimming would be such a low impact exercise for me as we go into our mature years! (We're both 40 now)...any comments to make me feel more confident heading into this? Thanks so much!


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