What does it take?

13 years ago

All of these boards are great and everyone tells you how to sell. Some posters say: lower price, clean & unclutter, update kitchens & baths, put in hardwood floors, have super landscaping. You can do everything everyone suggests and can afford and still your house doesn't sell.

It is hard for me to believe that every house on the market no matter its age or price range has been updated with everything listed. The houses we have looked at are nice but do not have all of that updating. That is fine with me because I can update when and if I want.

We were on the market from July-Nov. In that 5 months we lowered the price by $50,000 (for a quick sale). We took it off for the holidays and will relist the end of Feb.

Our property is unique because for our small, very desirable, waterfront community. We have a 2300 square foot house on 2 1/2 acres. We are 2 blocks from the beach, but can't see the water from here because of all of the beautiful trees.

There are no comps for our house. There are no subdivisions with cookie cutter homes and each home is unique and custom. The agents comped the land and then the house and came up between $475,000 and $535,000. We listed for $499,000.

All of the agents say that our house shows wonderfully and is extremely nice and desirable. We have had a home stager.

We have had 3 couples express extreme interest and then nothing. One couple kept us going with questions, comps and collecting county records for 3 weeks. They had 3 very long visits and their agent kept saying the offer was coming. Then they decided not to buy.

Our agent is fabulous and has marketed our house in ways I had never even thought of. We will use her again.

What does it take?

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