6 x 6 inch waterline tile OK for curves of Roman pool ends?

8 years ago


I picked out 6x6 inch waterline tile for my inground gunite pool but because of the curves at the roman ends (circle radius of about 10 feet) my pb is saying I need to go smaller, 3x3 or 2x2's. He says the tile conractor won't guarantee 6x6 on the curved ends. There is a single curved swimout with a circle radius of about 5 feet.

I looked at many pool photos online and it appears that many pools are done with 6x6 waterline tile on roman end pools and freeform pools, many of which appear to have tighter curves than our pool.

Is my pb correct? Is it not advisable to put 6x6 on the curved areas? We really like the 6x6 tile we picked out and would rather not switch it if we don't have to. We also don't want tiles popping off, either. Location is Massachusetts, if climate matters. I would appreciate any guidance and opinions you can give me. Thank you.

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