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Please give me your ideas--Pics included.

February 17, 2011


My home will be in the market this week, earlier than I thought. As many of your have suggested to post pictures to get the feedback in my several old posts, I am posting few pictures for your suggestions/advice.

Sorry, my camera and computer gave way and I do not have "before" pictures--they were lost. I only have "after" pictures--may not make any difference now.

With this decor, my friends have suggested few like

1. lots of decorative pillows on the sofa, pictures on the wall.

Also, please let me know where I can find decorative pillows, paintings etc for less price--I do not want to spend too much as I am not going to live here.

Here is the pictures and please give me feedbacks.

Entry foyer


Living and Dining area

Master Bedroom

Second Bedroom

Third Bedroom

Common bathroom

Master Bathroom

Other side view of Master Bathroom

Upstairs hallway view

Is this enough for staging?

Thanks in advance.


Comments (16)

  • OttawaGardener

    Wow, looks pretty good to me! Do you have any outside pictures?

  • Carol_from_ny

    I'd remove the curtains BUT leave the sheers in the livingrm/dining rm, and in the second and third bedrooms. I think they detract from the open feeling you created in the house.
    It looks good to me. If the garage, basement and attic are as neat and tidy you shouldn't have any complaints.

  • Happyladi

    It looks pretty good. I would remove the big desk in second bedroom and hang a simple valance on the rod over the window next to the front door. The third bedroom needs a couple of pillows, maybe you could borrow from the second bedroom.

    One the dresser in the master you should add a couple of decorative items. You could also add a few attractive items to the kitchen counters. You don't want clutter but if you look at pictures of staged homes they don't look bare, either.

    I think you should add something over the fireplace, too.

  • OttawaGardener

    I took another look and now see the outside pics.

    This is being pretty picky, but you could put a luxurious towel in the bathroom instead of the existing one. In the room with the quilt, I'd remove the window coverings entirely, as they are overly fussy and clash with the quilt. I don't like the bathroom and kitchen pulls - updating them with brushed nickel would be nice. But really, it is a lovely home, and looks clean and clutter-free!

  • terezosa / terriks

    To make it easier, here are your pictures in a larger size:

  • jane__ny

    The front foyer, I'd put something taller on the table. Silk flowers or something like a grass. The entry looks bare. How about a painting over the table instead. Needs something.

    The bathrooms need some color and accessories. Some pictures on the walls.

    You have a nice house, but it needs some color and accessories. It appears too bare.


  • bleigh

    Honestly, I think your house looks great. I wouldn't go overboard with accessorizing. I would suggest leaving the curtains up in the living room as they give some color and interest without being overbearing (the shears alone would make it a bit sterile). Put a nice simple print over the mantle. Wouldn't put anything else on the walls in the living room. Wonder if the upstairs hallway runner would be better served in the foyer. That space could use a larger rug and the hallway will be fine without one. Agree the foyer table should be dressed up more. The wall space above would be great with a small/medium sized decorative mirror and the table top could use a couple decorative items (maybe you have a couple of nice candlesticks for the table). OR, you could put an nice buffet lamp on the table and a greenery arrangement. For the second bedroom, take the desk out and move the bed away from the window (center it more on the wall). Third bedroom, either remove the curtains or change out the quilt to something solid. The patterns compete with each other (although each alone are very nice). You could change out the hardware on the cabinets, but I think buying some plush towels and a bath mat would be good enough. You can get everything you need at Walmart, Target or any store that sells home decor items.

    You have done a great job!! I would be thrilled to see your house if I were looking in your area.

  • hayden2

    Nice house. If I had to change anything, this is what I might do:
    1 - Foyer:
    a) Get rid of the plant hanging down in the foyer.
    b) add a 3rd item to the little piece in the foyer, but with a different heighth.
    2 - Livingroom
    a) As someone else mentioned, put something over the mantel. Currently it's dominated by the windows, and consequently looks a little out of scale. A nice mirror or a vibrant piece of art. Then remove the little decoration that's in the middle of the mantel, and move it to the side, and either add a couple of things to make it a grouping of 3, or take off the piece that's there now.
    b) Can you add an additional color? Pick something out of the drapes or the new art (if you add one over the mantel). Right now the look - at least from the pictures - is of 2 colors.
    3) Bedrooms
    a) I'd move the bed away from the wall, so that only its headboard touches the wall, not the side of the bed. I know it's counterintuitive, but bedrooms tend to look larger if you can see all corners, and smaller if the bed hides one of them.
    b) In that bedroom, is there anyway you could make the bedside table and lamp higher? They're too small/short for the bed, so the bed looks outsized.
    Overall - I agree with the other posters who were looking for more color, or some accessories.

    You have a great home to work with. Good luck!

  • booboo60

    I think your home looks lovely! I agree with the others on the foyer, and that bedroom with the "competing" comforter and drapes. Another store to look for inexpensive things like lamps, bedding, throw pillows, art, etc. is Ross or T.J.Maxx, Tuesday Morning, and the other discount stores that were mentioned.

  • redcurls

    I agree with the poster who said to leave only the sheers and remove the side panels from the windows. Let in all the light you can!

  • sparksals

    The masterbedroom looks great, but the other bedroom pics make the rooms look small and cluttered. The curtains clash with the bedding in the room with the desk. It's a very busy room.

    The bedroom with the knitted afghan is dark and small looking. Can you open the curtains or turn on lights? I think both bedrooms need to be neutralized, much like the master is.

    Love the family room and dining room pic... your entire house looks very clean and tidy.

    The kitchen pic doesn't showcase how big and open the kitchen is. Can you take the pic from a different angle?

  • adellabedella_usa

    The others have given some good suggestions. I don't have any to add. Overall, I think your home looks great.

  • cocontom

    I would take either the armoire or the dresser out of the bedroom- it makes me think you needed more storage, so the closets must be small.

    I would also take the rug out of the hallway, because I wonder what you're covering up there.

    And the tapestry drapes don't work with the striped sheets in photos.

  • sheilajoyce_gw

    Your house looks great. It is clean, uncluttered and freshly painted. I like how you did not rehang any pictures to keep the walls free of holes. Do remove the little rug on top of the hall carpet. I'd also remove the plants sitting on the floor in the hallway.

    You have made your house look spacious and like new. I wouldn't worry about decorating too much. But I do hope you have made the outside front of the house inviting, and that there are some flowering annuals planted there as soon as the weather warms.

  • marys1000

    I think they look fine except for the ones that shade yellow or are dark.

  • gmp3

    You have a very pretty neutral house.

    I agree about the curtains and changing out bedspreads in the secondary bedrooms. The third bedroom needs a new coverlet and some pillows. It looks too stark.

    In the living room perhaps a large picture propped up on the mantle or a few large vases with tall sticks or something to give height. I would remove the armoire from the bedroom and add a few tall chunky candlesticks/candles on the dresser.

    In the kitchen replace the knobs with oil rubbed bronze or remove the ones you have and spray paint the existing ones oil rubbed bronze. They will look fantastic, and coordinate well with your dark appliances. A big bowl of red apples would look great on the counter along with a large plate on a plate stand.

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