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Educate me please: cushions on outdoor furniture

8 years ago

We will be purchasing a new dining table and chairs for our deck- nothing too expensive because we have a short season and it doesnt get a lot of use.
I looked at the big orange box store, and I figured I should eliminate sets with cushions because I figured you didnt leave the cushions out all the time in the summer you needed to store them somewhere. Is that right? I dont mind storing for the winter but I dont want to have to have a storage box on the deck and I dont want to be pulling off and putting on all the time either.
If you do leave them out, how long do the take to dry after it rains or in the morning from the dew? Will I be able to have my coffee on the deck or will I go to sit down and then have to re-change for work?
I really just have no idea, thank you for helping me.

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