Anyone tried the Simplicity rotary cutter?

8 years ago

I was all set to go to Joann Fabrics today and buy the Accuquit, but they were out of mats and I wanted to start a project today! So, I ended up getting the Simplicity Deluxe electric rotary cutter instead. The most dreaded part of quilting is cutting and measuring for me, so I thought this would be great.... I thought it would work just like a sewing machine... it doesn't and I could cut a straighter line with a pair of plastic scissors from the Dollar Tree!

I'm thinking about taking this back (I asked about the return policy before I bought it.... what rude employees they have, and they didn't know a thing about the Accuquilt or the Simplicity... acted like I was breaking their arm just because I had a couple questions) and ordering the Accuquilt on Amazon, I know they have all the stuff. I still don't like the idea of being limited to the size of the die, but I've ruined an entire fat quarter with this silly Simplicity thing and I just can't make it cut straight. I tried the different speeds and when I turned it up to the highest one, it grabbed the fabric, bunched it up and cut a diagonal jagged line all the way down the middle before I even knew what was happening! AAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGG! Reviews on Amazon are terrible for this thing, but I wanted to try it anyway.... Live and learn I guess.

Has anyone else had the horror of experiencing this thing?

On a positive note, I got my first Ott Lite today... it's a small one that flips up and runs on batteries and has LED lights.... pretty cool actually. It was reg. 50 bucks, on "sale" for 25 or something like that.... the Simplicity rotary cutters were on sale too, and I can see why! You couldn't pay most people to take one! I remember when I sold sewing machines at Sears, we had one Ott Lite and it was a floor model that was 200 dollars... nobody bought it.

Anyway, I was just wondering if you all had any suggestions.... should I keep playing with this silly rotary cutter or should I throw it through the window of Joanns like they did on the old tire commercials and order an accuquilt instead?

Thanks :o)

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