True monthly cost of pool?

13 years ago

We are in the last stages of pulling the trigger on signing our contract on pool construction. I guess you could say we're getting a case of cold feet.

Our pool will be on the small scale -- freeform 80 perimeter feet with a six-foot spa. Pool equipment will include Hayward Sand Filter, 1 1/2 HP pump, Rainbow 32- Automatic Clorinator, Intermatic Auto Timer, Polaris 280 Automatic Cleaner, 120K Electric Heat Pump to primarily heat the spa only.

The cost of the construction of the pool is all calculated out -- and no problem. What we have not fully considered are the costs associated with having an inground pool. I hope to go into this with a clear understanding of the expected monthly cost of owning an inground pool.

We live in a warm climate (Central Texas) and would get enjoyment from the pool for a great portion of the year. We have no children living at home -- but have frequent family and friends visiting us who would enjoy the pool in addition to the two of us.

For those of you who don't mind sharing some of this information -- can you please provide the following on a monthly basis?

What do the chemicals run?

What kind of increase have you seen in your electric utilities?

Do you heat your pool/spa with a heat pump, electric heater, or propane? And what is the montly cost associated with the heating?

How much time do you spend on pool maintenance?

And, lastly, did you see an increase in your home insurance premiums?

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