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Frustrated Seller: Were we Unreasonable?

9 years ago

Weve spent the last 20 plus years making our house our dream home. Our family is now grown, and we've decided to downsize. We found buyers a few days after listing and they negotiated our price a little lower than what we were asking. We were thrilled until we received their 55 page inspection report. Wow, every loose screw was documented - Impressive and more than a little intimidating. To our horror, the inspectors not only found mold but the radon level was higher than the allowed EPA levels. We agreed to fix the mold and radon, all potential safety issues, as well as a slew of other minor issues. The buyer loves the house and approved our approach. We based our contractor selection on integrity and warranty and didn't settle for the cheapest. Each time we've tried to sign off on the repair requests, the buyer not only questions our choice of contractors but brings other issues to the table that were previously resolved. After weeks of negotiation, we are giving up. We are losing money and the house we were going to buy, but the stress is crazy, and we believe their list of demands will only continue. We have scheduled our contractors and are proceeding to fix every issue. We plan to redo our disclosure and relist, but is this what we should expect from all buyers? Are we unrealistic to assume responsibility for selecting the people who work in our home?

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